8 Most Useful Tips and Tricks of Samsung Galaxy S8

High-end smartphone users, such as the Galaxy S8, need to rely on some of the latest functions in these phones to help them enhance user-device interaction, make it convenient and practical, and take full advantage of the features offered by the phone. If you are a Samsung Galaxy S8 user, here are 8 tips and tricks to help you make the most of your phone experience.

8 Most Useful Tips and Tricks of Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Take advantage of the navigation bar

The Navigation Bar on the Galaxy S8 contains a number of tricks that users may not have discovered yet, including allowing users to bypass their device lock screen and get instant access to the main display.

After activating the unlocking feature using the Home button through Settings> Display> Navigation bar , pressing the Home button box in the “Permanent Display” mode will unlock the device while double-clicking will pull the screen lock.

The navigation bar settings also allow users to customize the sensitivity of the home button to avoid unwanted compression.

Users can hide the application navigation bar when it does not automatically disappear or organize it on the screen by switching the show and hide button, which appears on the far left side of the bar.

Using certain apps and functions can completely disappear the navigation bar. In these cases, users can go back to the Home screen by constantly pressing the usual place of the Home button and the navigation bar can be accessed by dragging up from the bottom of the screen.

2. Take advantage of the side screen

Side panels on the Galaxy S-8 display allow users to access applications, news and key functions when they scroll slightly on the side of the screen. Users can customize the side panels option and add more applications and shortcuts to suit them.

Side-by-side feature adds more convenience by alerting phone users to incoming messages by lighting the sides of the infinity display, allowing notifications to be displayed even when the device is down, and giving users a smooth way to notify them without interrupting their activities whether watching video or playing games and applications.

Users can access the side screen settings by going to Settings> View> Sidebar.

3. Create appropriate reminders

Would you like to find an interesting article and want to come back later? Well, the Galaxy S-8 allows you to conveniently save your bookmarks using its reminder function by accessing your browser’s sharing options and clicking on the reminder icon. Web page URLs will then be automatically saved, and users can also specify the time they wish Receiving notifications.

The Galaxy S8 also allows you to create text reminders. When viewing a conversation in the Messaging application, long press on your selected message until the message options list appears and choose Send to Reminder.

The message will automatically be saved to the reminder application, and you will also be able to select whether you want to view the reminder.

In addition, the phone allows you to install reminders in Always On Display, to make them visible at all times.

To do so, open the reminder app and click on the reminder you want to view and choose “Install to Persistent View”.

4. Operation button and sensor shortcuts

The process of taking a picture is sometimes ideal for a person to be quick in dealing with his camera phone.

To help users take snapshots of their most vivid moments, the phone camera can start instantly with the double-click on the power switch.

In addition, the camera zoom function is similarly smooth, allowing users to zoom in or out of the camera easily by dragging the white capture button to the right or left.

In addition to the device unlock function, Fingerprint Sensor allows users to open applications and manage key functions.

A simple scroll down or higher will allow you to show or hide the notifications panel, while the drag-up lets you see the Samsung Pay application from the Home screen.

This function can be found in Settings> Advanced Features> Finger Sensitive Signals.

If you are in a meeting and can not answer the phone, you can not answer incoming calls with a pre-set SMS.

The quick response feature can be activated with a 2-second touch on the heart rate sensor in the device allowing users to send a custom response to suit their needs.

This function can be found in Settings> Screen> Side Panel> Side Lights> More Options> Quick Reply.

5. Screenshot settings

The Galaxy S8 allows users to take quick screen shots across a variety of convenient routes, including the option to hold down the Volume Down button and the Play button simultaneously or slide the screen from one side to the other at ease.

Smart Select, which can be found on the side screen, allows users to select a specific area of ​​the display to be captured as an image or as a GIF extension.

The Scroll Capture feature in Settings> Advanced Features> Smart Capture is another useful option designed to help users take faster, more complete snapshots.

The function appears after capturing a quick snapshot of the screen and allowing the entire application or scrollable content to be included in the image.

6. Enhanced features for Snap Window

The new Snap Window feature on the Galaxy S8 allows you to select and install a portion of the recently opened app at the top of the screen.

This means, for example, that a user can watch video or content that is constantly updated, such as news headlines, at the top of the screen, while the rest of the screen is used to send email, browse the web, or manage other apps.

You can activate the feature by dragging your recent apps and clicking the corresponding button.

7. A funny way to unlock your phone

After recording the iris to perform biometric verification, Galaxy S8 users have the option to select a fun frame or a distinctive display background when the security feature is activated.

Available designs can be found in Settings> Screen Lock & Security> Iris Scanner> Preview Screen Window.

8. Share links with Samsung’s electronic cloud

Samsung’s cloud is a seamless way to share large videos and image files by creating a page title through which you can access your shared media.

This functionality preserves the full image quality and supports files up to 1GB, users can save up to 2GB of content per day, and files are deleted from Samsung servers two days later.

To use this feature, select the photo or video you want to share in the Gallery app, then click Share and choose Share link.

The subsequent screen will allow you to select the app you want to use to send your link.

Users can also provide others with access to shared content by sending a code, and those who receive the code will be able to enter it in the Samsung Link Sharing application to view and download the shared files instantly.


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