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Three iOS 12 Shortcuts that you must use for YouTube

If you have an iPhone and you are a regular YouTube user, we have very useful three iOS 12 Shortcuts to add to your Library. This allows you to download YouTube videos on your iPhone without the need of a computer or iTunes. Another lets you listen to YouTube audio in the background. And the last one allows you to search YouTube videos of the song you’re playing on Apple Music.

To add these Shortcuts, first make sure you are reading this article in the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad. Simply tap the corresponding download link and then the Get Shortcut button to add it to the Library tab of the Shortcuts application.

Download YouTube (YouTube Download)

This Shortcut allows you to download YouTube videos without having to resort to iTunes. I used the version created by Charlie Sorrel of Cult of Mac (in English), based on a Shortcut presented in the Reddit forum . To use it, touch the Share button when you are watching a YouTube video in the YouTube application or in Safari, choose the Shortcuts option on the Share menu and then touch the Download YouTube shortcut. Wait a few seconds while it is running, and you will find the downloaded video in the Shortcuts folder of the Files application.

To change the location of your downloaded videos, open the Shortcuts application and touch the button with three points of the Download YouTube shortcut in your Library. Scroll to the last action at the bottom, called Save File, and activate Ask Where to Save. Now, every time you use this Shortcut, it will ask you where you want to save the video: in another iCloud Drive folder, in Dropbox, in Google Drive or on your phone.

download youtube shortcut

Add Download YouTube to your application Shortcuts.

Background YouTube (YouTube in the background)

Unless you are subscribed to YouTube Premium, it is not possible to listen to the application in the background. However, with this Shortcut you can listen to YouTube audio in the background as long as you use Safari. After adding the Shortcut, start playing a YouTube video in Safari and touch the Share button at the bottom of Safari (which is different from the YouTube Share button, located just below the video). Then, touch Shortcuts on the Share menu and then Background YouTube. Next, you will return to the video in Safari, which will be paused. Touch play and the video will open on a new browser page. Lock your phone and use the media player on the lock screen to start playing the video. You can listen to the audio on your locked phone.

Add Background YouTube to your application Shortcuts.

Find Track on YouTube (Find a topic on YouTube)

If you’re listening to a particularly nice song on Apple Music and you’re wondering what videos YouTube has for your visual enjoyment, you should try this Shortcut. Unlike the previous two, this is not accessed from a Share menu, but directly from the Shortcuts application. When you are playing a song in Apple Music, open the Shortcuts application and touch Find Track on YouTube. This will open the YouTube application and show you the results page of a search using the name of the artist and the song.

Also, unlike the two previous Shortcuts, you can find Find Track on YouTube in the Shortcuts Gallery.

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