Smart Trick to Charge Your Smartphone Faster

Most of us suffer from the problem of vacuuming the battery constantly, especially with our continuous use of our mobile phone at all times. According to a US study, the average US spends surfing his mobile phone and staring at the screen is about 4.7 hours a day, and may increase the number in some countries and less in others. Therefore, the speed of the phone’s battery is increasing. Here’s the best trick to charge your smartphone faster.

Charge Your Smartphone Faster

Many people get upset when they have to plug their mobile phone into the electric charger and wait for half an hour to an hour until the battery is fully charged. Except that the charging process is relatively slow due to continuous energy depletion during the attempt to connect with the towers of the cell phone and locate your GPS.

How to make your phone charge faster than usual?

You can make charging faster than usual in a simple and easy way. By switching your phone from normal to “airplane mode“.

This mechanism succeeds in saving energy and increasing the speed of charging significantly. This is because your phone is in normal mode trying to keep you connected to cell towers to determine your location. The GPS feature, which automatically works on many phones, causes a lot of energy to drain when the phone coordinates are based on the mobile phone network instead of satellites.

However, once the phone has been switched to flight mode, reception of the radio signals will stop, and the process of connecting you to the cellular towers will stop and determine your location using GPS.

For this reason, the laptop will not exhaust additional power and will save a lot of time in the charging process. To prove this, CNET had tried the trick years ago by charging phones in both situations at different sessions.

During the first charging cycle, the power was supplied up to 4 minutes of charging on the flight mode. In the second cycle, 11 minutes of shipping time were provided.

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