Samsung Foldable Phone New Details: Name, Release Date, and Pricing

If Apple knows how to make a bombastic keynote presentation, Samsung is sort of the inverse it knows how to effectively tease a product, as it did in its most recent presentation where it barely showed off the first and much-anticipated Samsung Foldable Phone.

The “unveiling” was shrouded in mystery. Shrouded in a literal sense because when the executive onstage put the phone up, the lights suddenly dimmed and the audience was only able to view a faint silhouette. To be fair, Samsung did make sure that everyone got to see the folding mechanism, a brief moment that was both impressive and jaw-dropping.

Even so, not much is known about this device at all. How much will it cost once released? What are its specs? What is its form factor? When does Samsung plan to roll the device out?

New Samsung Galaxy F Details

Answers to those questions, however, have now emerged. A new report from South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency now claims a name, release date, and price point for Samsung’s forthcoming flagship.

The phone is apparently going to be called the “Galaxy F,” with “F” perhaps standing for “foldable” or “fold.” The phone is going to be launched in March 2019, which is a little later than the launch of Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy S-series phone. Apparently, the Galaxy F phone will be an exclusive device that may cost as high as $1,770. What “exclusive” means, in this case, is hard to determine given there’s still no context, but it appears Samsung isn’t planning to market the product for masses.

More importantly, the report claims Samsung has yet to settle a final price point, although Samsung chief DJ Koh has previously confirmed that the company plans on shipping a million foldable devices next year.

Samsung Galaxy S10

On a different note, the report also claims that Samsung plans to add 5G support to its forthcoming Galaxy S10, which will most likely launch in February if Samsung’s release pattern is any indication. It might be unveiled at the annual Mobile World Congress conference. The Galaxy F will then arrive the following month, as mentioned, although it apparently won’t have 5G support, the report says.

Do you think March is a good release window for Samsung foldable smartphone? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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