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Future Mobile Trends You Need to Know

Before going to read the contents of the article, let us first share a few sentences about the history of mobile. There were times when having a landline was considered a luxury in India. Then came the Pager, which was hugely popular among marketing executives. The mobile came as just a handset, and it was common for movie stars and the elite in India to flaunt this device. In 2019, every Indian has a smart mobile with the best features. So, don’t you think you need to know the future mobile trends and the way this industry will go in the future? Let us go to the details.

Present Times of Mobile Trends

The simple mobile device from the 1980s has gone to become complex tech gadgets. These days, mobiles get used to complete official duties such as sending reports and more. Since the demands of technology are going to be met, the brand manufacturers are introducing new features in every new version.

If you are a person keeping abreast of the recent trends in mobile technology, then watch out for the changes mentioned in this article.

Smartphones Get Smarter

Yes, AI has made a huge impact, but the technology is older than two years in mobile applications. But there are still some applications that have to get embedded in smartphones such as virtual assistants and OSes. In the next five years, every aspect of your mobile will be set by voice assistants.

The security of mobiles will assume prominence, and the software will determine if the user is the owner. As you know in iPhones, the fingerprint is used. In the case of the new model, your facial image is the password. In the future, the AI-based security app will detect the changes in the way the device gets used. In short, it may lead to the growth of a new technology called Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

1. 5G

We are using 4G technology right now. In the future, it will be 5G and the speed will be 100 times more. And with this technology, there is always a connection to the Internet of Things. Let us break down the few benefits of 5G, shall we? The browsing, sharing, streaming and downloading will be superfast. The first batch of 5G may get activated in London, Belfast and few other cities.

2. RCS

Not many among you have heard of Rich Communication Services. Are we correct? Well, this is the new technology that is soon going to replace the SMS. You can call it the next generation of Short Messaging Service. Now, shall we go to history? SMS indeed became very popular and it retains popularity even today. Yet, there are challenges. If you do not have proper signal or internet, then the message will remain in your mobile. Facebook Messenger changed the very concept of sending messages, but the problem with SMS remained.

The new mobile technology RCS is introduced, but only on a small scale. Although it was started in 2008, it has yet to gain public recognition. In the future, it is RCS which will be the messaging program of the future. It will have richer content and give the best experience.

3. Omnichannel Engagement

There were days when businesses used to give advertisements only by radio and television. But now, with digital marketing gaining popularity, along with other technologies, you have an entire range of diversified channels for advertisements and to generate leads. In the future, the business will try to manage all channels via one platform or system. Effective engagement and management will assume a prime role, no doubt. But do you know that all these channels will be handled via the mobile?

4. Voice Assistants

Have you ever seen an Indian teenager give commands on the mobile? They make use of voice assistants to locate the topic. But more innovations lay in store. The voice assistants of the future will give a reminder, interact with the stores to buy items on your behalf and more.

5. AI-assisted customer engagement

It is the next change brought about by mobiles. Instead of just writing sentences, permit us to put forward an example. You are in Bangalore, and the mobile display glass has got damaged. Since the model has crossed the warranty period, you need to search for the best mobile technician in Bangalore. The easy way out? Activate the voice assistant and spell the terms, mobile repair service in Bangalore. A set of companies open in Google. These organizations provide doorstep repair services of mobile and other home appliances.

Okay, coming to the topic, AI and customer engagement, don’t you feel that the content on the website should also change? Yes, the main reason why businesses are making changes in content on their website to match the voice-based query.

6. Online Payments Made Secure

Hardly three decades ago, there used to be a long line in nationalized banks for withdrawal of money. Now, you can transfer and receive money online. By mobile. It is no secret that you opt for mobile payments to complete the job in quick time. Yes, there are challenges of hackers getting to your mobile to steal the money. But with the mobile security features and following the right measures, you can prevent any hackers from gaining access to your device.

7. Apps

The history of apps is almost three-year-old. 2016. Remember, it is the year of apps. Every small and medium business introduced an app for their company this very year. And the reasons are known. Online or E-commerce business has reached the billion mark. So, every company, worth its value in the market wanted to make use of the trend.

The view of the purchasing customers has also changed. Three decades ago, for a purchase, the entire family used to visit stores. Now, the millennials log into their mobiles and search for the online presence of the retail companies, i.e websites. And they buy the items online.

Making payments by mobiles prevents wastage of time. In a brick and mortar store, you need to stand in the queue to make payments. The case is just the opposite of mobile payments.


2019 and 2020 are said to be the year of change in every industry, including the mobile. Given in the article of future mobile trends are a few valuable points. For more updates regarding the tech trend, why don’t you opt for the newsletter from our website?

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