25 best habits you can have in life

There are 25 habits in particular that will not only help you succeed in the economic sphere, but will also keep you healthy, happy and satisfied with your life.

We are creatures of habits. Everything we think, say and do is the result of habits deeply rooted in our minds over years and years of repetitive behavior. It is those same habits that help us move forward or limit our progress. In fact, the quality of our current life is the direct reflection of those daily habits.

The habits are undeniably powerful and integral part of our behavioral psychology that shapes our lives. They are so important that one study determined that approximately 45 percent of everything we do in the day is dictated by our habits.

Say goodbye to our bad habits and replace them with better ones is not easy. It requires commitment, will and an ingrained desire to overcome our apparently natural tendencies to think, feel, speak and act in a certain way.

Clearly, for those who are totally committed to things like happiness and success, habits offer the way to enrich their lives. They are also the tools we use to automate our progress towards one or another side, helping us achieve our goals and the realization of our dreams.

However, most of the time we remain in the dark. We are not sure of ourselves or where to start developing good habits. What are the best habits to succeed and be happy? Are there some who are better than others, offering us some kind of secret recipe to achieve the most valuable objectives?

What are the best habits you can have in life?

Although any list may seem subjective, there are 25 habits in particular that will not only help you succeed in the economic sphere, but will also keep you healthy, happy and satisfied with your life. Focus on these 25 habits and make consistent efforts until you manage to incorporate them into your daily routine, and your progress and drive towards your goals will skyrocket over time.

1. Focus on what you do have

Focus on what you have.

We spend a lot of time meddling in our problems, but the problems are also a sign of life. The only time we stop having problems is when we are six meters underground. And if you want to stop focusing on your problems, then appreciate what you have, problems included.

Gratitude is the safest way to health, happiness and success, because it changes the focus of how we think, going from what we do not have to what we do have. What we most take for granted is the natural abundance of the simplest pleasures and the opportunities that are offered to us.

2. Smiling is good therapy

Smiling is good therapy.

Studies have confirmed that people who genuinely smile are happier. This is one of the best habits to allow you to find emotional, mental and spiritual peace, thanks to the simple act of smiling.

The psychology of our body dictates the psychology of our mind. When we crouch or become small, or any physical expression of depression and unhappiness, our mind picks up the signals and activates them in our brain. However, when we change our physical posture, our feelings do the same.

3. A good day starts with a nutritious breakfast

Good days begin with a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast is an important part of life, however, 31 million Americans skip it every day. And what about breakfast being the most important meal of the day? It is 100 percent true. If you really want to succeed, have a nutritious breakfast every morning.

This habit does not require much effort, just a little planning and if you are always running out of your house in the morning, you might consider getting up a few minutes early to make sure you have time to incorporate this great habit into your life.

4. Drink water with lemon

Drink water with lemon.

A great habit that has monumental benefits to our health is to drink a glass of water with lemon every day. Lemons are a natural source of vitamin C, but they also include other benefits such as improving digestion and the immune system, as well as cleansing and rehydrating your body.

Water by itself is important to get rid of the toxins in your system. And over time, this habit will also result in other positive things like weight loss, less inflammation and more energy.

5. Exercise

Exercise every day.

One of the best habits in life is to exercise every day, without exception. And this does not have to be lifting weights or training for a marathon, but doing some slightly strenuous physical activity to oxygenate the blood and send endorphins to your body.

Not only will it help you feel better physically, but you will feel more motivated, have greater mental clarity and be stronger emotionally. Exercise releases dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin in our body, giving us an almost euphoric feeling without having to resort to any drugs.

6. Walk those 10,000 steps every day

Walk those 10,000 steps every day.

Many people have heard about the benefits of walking at least 10,000 steps a day. However, as a society we tend to fall short of that goal. A study that showed important results of the number of steps we took, compared the number of steps people walk in different countries of the world such as the United States, Switzerland, Australia and Japan.

On average, Americans walk 5,117 steps a day. In Australia they walk 9,695 steps; in Switzerland 9,650 and in Japan 7,168. We do not have the numbers of Mexico, but something makes us suppose that they are more similar to those of the United States than to those of Australia. However, this simple habit is a great way to solve our problems of sedentary lifestyle. Station farther, or use the stairs whenever you can to increase the number of daily steps you take.

7. Supplements with vitamins and minerals

Supplement with needed vitamins and minerals.

As a culture we are falling short in the consumption of vitamins and minerals through the foods we consume. The refined and processed sugars, carbohydrates and other foods that are the basis of our diet help to exacerbate this problem. We are not consuming the nutrients our body needs.

Find a good set of vitamins and minerals that you can drink every day. It is easy to ignore this habit, but the well-being that you will feel after applying it daily for months is tremendous. And that impact can help us improve other areas of our lives by giving us mental, emotional and physical clarity.

8. Manage your time as well as you manage your money

Manage your time at least as well as you manage your money.

An essential habit to succeed in whatever you do in life is to have an effective management of your time. How well you manage the little time you have says a lot of what you can achieve. And considering that we all have the same amount of time in this world, the way you take advantage of this resource will determine your potential to succeed.

Find a good system to manage your time and implement it. This is not so difficult, but it requires a conscious and constant effort. However, once this habit has materialized in your daily routine, you can practically do everything and there will be no goal that seems too big for you.

9. Daily goals, every day

Daily goals, every day.

Most people have goals. Whether personal or business, but we are all moving in a planned direction. However, although the long-term objectives give us direction, it is the daily objectives that allow us to create short-term waters that build our success.

Long-term goals can be overwhelming, but if you implement the habit of following daily strategies you can cope with the enormity associated with life goals, focusing on short-term scenarios and day-to-day actions.

10. Look for inspiration

Seek inspiration.

It is difficult to stay motivated for a long time. When things happen in life that shake us or get us out of the way, we get discouraged. But one of the best ways to stay motivated is by looking for daily inspiration.

Read, watch videos and get inspired by other people who have achieved their dreams. Anthony Robbins calls it “your hour of power”, but you can invest the time you need. Inspiration is the path to success because what the mind can think, it can achieve.

11. Consistently save and invest wisely

Save steadily, invest prudently.

There is no list of habits that is complete without someone including some savings and investments. Sometimes we forget the need to save for the future because we are so focused living in the moment.

But it’s not just about saving, you also have to invest wisely in the money you save. The more attention you put to this now, the more financial success you will have in the future. You should also make sure you have at least 6 months of income saved for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

12. Have a budget and monitor your expenses

Budget and track expenses

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Pay attention to small expenses, because a small leak can sink the entire ship.” It is very easy to ignore the small expenses, but these tend to accumulate, especially when we go out of budget. Make sure you manage all your expenses.

When we talk about solid financial habits, this is a very important one that will lead you to financial success in the future. The money you save in frivolous or useless expenses can be saved for you to invest later. Do not ignore the future by trying to take advantage of the present.

13. Never stop learning

Never stop learning.

Educate yourself, and learn something new every day. Commit yourself to learning and improving your life, either by learning new skills or improving those you already have. From new languages ​​to programming languages, give yourself time every day to learn something.

Whether you decide to learn something with an online course, or through an audio book or reading an article, or watching a tutorial on YouTube, and even through a TED Talk, the importance of implementing this habit is essential. Find something worth learning and spend a little time each day.

14. Order everything

Tidy everything.

Physical disorder results in lack of attention. It is difficult to concentrate on our goals when our lives are a mess. Take time to order your home and office, and do something every day to reinforce this habit. Start with a drawer and organize it, or a corner of your house, or a simple cabinet in your office.

The importance of this habit was highlighted by a study in the Journal of Neuroscience titled: “Interactions of top-down and bottom-up mechanisms in the human visual cortex” that says “the fact of having multiple stimuli present in the field visual competes for neuronal representation mutually suppressing their activity evoked through the visual cortex. In Spanish: the disorder itself results in lack of concentration.

15. Get up early

Early to be, early to rise.

While the world sleeps, the first hours of the morning are a moment of reflection and productivity, allowing you to concentrate completely on your long-term goals. Anyone who really wants to succeed knows that getting up early is important.

If you are not an early riser, make gradual changes in your routine to get up early each day. Start by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier for a week, and the next one you set another 15 minutes before, and without realizing it, you will manage to wake up two hours earlier than you were used to.

16. Be generous with your time and your money

Be generous with your time and money.

In our search for success, it is normal for us to forget about others. We stop contributing something of value to our peers. And this has nothing to do with donating money, but with contributing your time, which is much more valuable than money, changing your perspective from a state of deprivation to a state of abundance.

We often spend a lot of time in our lives worried and anxious. But when you put into practice the habit of contributing to others, you can easily alleviate your personal concerns, and even your problems, realizing the need to help others. In fact, the people who contribute the most to others are those who end up being more successful.

17. Grow your network of contacts looking for who to help

Network by looking for who you can help.

In this world, not everything has to do with what you know. To succeed we need others, and the people you meet are extremely important. But networking is not just about dropping names, but finding ways to help and add value to the lives of others.

The best connected people in the world are the most successful people. But they do not simply focus on them, but look for ways to help others without thinking about what they can receive in return. This is how the best relationships in the world are given.

18. Face your fears

Confront your fears.

We are so worried and nervous about the future that we forget to enjoy the present. Fear is so anchored in our mind that it limits our progress.

Overcoming your fears is, possibly, one of the most important habits you can develop. Get used to doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable every day. Talk to a stranger, make a compliment or tell someone about things that make you feel uncomfortable.

19. It is better to act now than after

Take action sooner rather than later.

Start acting It is a cliché that we have heard repeatedly, however, many of us continue without putting it into practice. In fact, we do the opposite: we procrastinate. We do not do things for a lot of reasons, which limits our progress and our ability to achieve any of the goals we have set for ourselves.

The best way to overcome procasting is to use the 15 minute rule. Take what you’ve been putting off, and put your cell phone’s timer to 15 minutes, and then dedicate yourself during those 15 minutes to doing that task that you have to do. Why 15 minutes? First, because it breaks the cycle of inaction, and second, because after 15 minutes you already have enough momentum to continue and continue without stopping.

20. Make a plan and stick to it

Make a plan and stick to it.

Throughout history, having a plan has been essential for any successful entrepreneur. Regardless of what you want in life, not only will you need long-term goals and daily strategies to achieve it, but you need to follow a detailed plan that you create on the fly.

Without a plan, it is easier for us to fail. Without understanding how we are going to get from point A to point B, the path is difficult. But when you stick to a plan and record your progress, making adjustments when necessary, you will eventually achieve your goals.

21. Positive thinking

Positive thinking

The good attracts more good things. When we think negatively, focusing too much on the bad, we attract negative things to our life. On the contrary, when we think positive, we attract the positive. It is difficult to be optimistic all the time, and in general, our nature tends to expect negative scenarios.

However, positive thinking is one of the safest paths to success. Ignore the people who tell you that you can not already doubt your ability, and fight for the things you love with optimism. Everything is reduced to the impulse. Think positive for enough time, and you will see that good things begin to happen.

22. Give yourself time for yourself

Make time for yourself.

One of the habits that we have least in our lives is to enjoy time of rest, or time for us. Every day, do something you love to do, no matter how small. Not everything has to do with achievements and successes, if you do a small thing that you love, you will be installing a sense of peace of mind that will help you focus from your inner self.

Whether you listen to your favorite music at full volume, or walk through the park, or drive down a street you like, or watch a movie or anything else you like, just make sure you have a moment of the day for yourself, all the days.

23. Reading


Whether you read the newspaper, the economy news, a novel, a self-help book or whatever you want, but find time to do it. Reading is an important habit in life, and you should not be left alone with audio books or movies. Reading, in the traditional way, is excellent.

Reading helps you discover new worlds, ideas or ways and do things that would not have occurred to you in any other way, besides being a great way to educate yourself and entertain you at any time.

24. Value the dream

Value sleep.

Although getting up early is important, it is also essential to get enough sleep. Finding that delicate balance can be complicated, especially if you have children, or have two jobs or any other obligation. However, if you care enough about your well-being and future success, you will spend at least 6 hours sleeping uninterruptedly.

If it is hard for you to fall asleep, make sure you do not consume coffee or alcohol before going to bed. And if you smoke, or consume too much sugar or any other type of toxins during the day, it will be more difficult to sleep at a prudent hour. Eliminate those toxins from your routine so you can sleep what your body needs.

25. Keep a diary

Keep a journal.

Writing your thoughts is a great way to reflect on who you are and what you have been doing in your life. Time goes by so fast that we usually forget the details of what we did a couple of months ago. But remembering those details gives clarity and purpose to our lives, reminding us of the lessons and joys we have had.

Get in the habit of writing your thoughts daily and documenting your experiences. Interlock them with your goals, hopes and dreams, writing how you see your life in the future, and then go back to reading what you have written to remember that feeling. This is a great method of self-reflection and a powerful way to motivate and inspire you to keep moving forward.

How to start?

How many of these habits are already in your life? Are there bad habits that may be limiting you? Bad habits can get in the way of our progress, and changing them is not easy. However, everything is a matter of momentum. It all comes down to a few steps that can be increased day by day to help you build the repertoire of habits that make you achieve what your heart desires. The aforementioned habits are some of the best habits you can have in life. How many are you willing to commit to?


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