8 Alternatives to the Typical Romantic Destinations

Paris is for lovers, Venice, for honeymoons. But where do you go if you have already visited all the classic romantic cities? You can always go back, of course. Or you could choose to try something new and travel to other Typical Romantic Destinations that will also wake up the butterflies of the stomach of the most in love. Keep reading if you want to discover our tips.

8 Alternatives to the Typical Romantic Destinations


1. Let Avignon steal your heart

A romantic nobody can beat Paris, but the charming city of Avignon will undoubtedly steal your heart. You will feel as if you have traveled to the past when you explore its historic center surrounded by millenarian walls. Leave the city and explore the sites that inspired the iconic works of Van Gogh. Discover the history behind his paintings and who knows? Maybe you can get inspired enough to create your own masterpiece.


2. Get out of wine tasting in Siena

In Siena you can taste the authentic taste of Italy far from the crowds. This jewel of Tuscany, with its Romanesque and Gothic architecture, is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. When you finish tasting all the delicious food from the restaurants near Piazza del Campo, get away from the city center and enjoy one (or two) glasses of chianti wine in a tasting in an old castle. If this does not seem romantic, we do not know what can be.


3. Discover the amazing Seattle

The west coast of the United States is (possibly) the best in the country, and not only because there we can find classic destinations such as Los Angeles or San Francisco. If you want to live a romantic experience, change the beaches and fruit smoothies of California for the mountains and coffee of the state of Washington. The relaxed atmosphere of Seattle and its stunning surroundings make it a destination where you can spend quality time with your partner. Once there, do not forget to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. After the chute of caffeine, put the romantic touch to the trip with a picnic in Kerry Park, from where you can see an incredible view of Mount Rainier. If you want to see it up close,join a guided walk in this impressive mountain, one of the natural wonders of the United States.

Cesky Krumlow

4. Explore the medieval Český Krumlov

Have you already been to Prague and want to go to a different place? The picturesque Czech city of Český Krumlov will make your romantic getaway perfect. Located a few hours from Prague, the incredible interior and the beautiful 13th century castle gardens are something you can not miss. Afterwards, admire the baroque architecture while enjoying a traditional trdelnik, a cylindrical sweet with a cinnamon flavor. No trip to Český Krumlov is complete without a romantic meal on the Vltava River. Enjoy the views from the river before visiting some of the beautiful shops in the city.


5. Relax in sunny Malta

Is there something more romantic than a remote island in the Mediterranean? Probably not. This year changes the popular Ibiza and Santorini for Malta. We promise you will fall in love with this paradise in the second you set foot in it. Our advice: stay on the coast and enjoy a candle-lit dinner with your partner in one of the many restaurants next to the beach. Admiring the starry sky from the beach, can there be better dessert in this world? During your stay on the island, visit the beautiful capital of the country, Valletta. Admire the UNESCO World Heritage sites before sailing the Grand Harbor in dghajsa, a traditional (and very romantic) boat.


6. Admire the cherry blossom in Kyoto

Kyoto is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful cities in Japan, especially during the cherry blossom season. Not even Tokyo can beat Kyoto in the spring. But the city has much more to offer than the spectacular cherry trees: Kyoto is full of fun cafes and shopping centers. Win one of the soft toys of the machines for your partner and take funny pictures in the multiple photo booths. During your visit to the ancient capital of Japan, the best (and most romantic) way to see the city is by using the traditional rickshaw, where you can sit and relax while admiring the city.


7. Escape the world in Provincetown

New York will always be at the top of the most romantic cities in the world, but why do not you change the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple to the relaxed atmosphere of Provincetown? This romantic gem is a few hours from Boston, at the tip of Cape Cod. Only the trip to get there is worth it. You can take the fast ferry from Boston and, with a bit of luck, see the dolphins, or get on your car and be amazed by the scenery. Spend the day walking around the city and stopping at every art store you see. Put the pin on the day with a picnic at the Race Point lighthouse: the best place to enjoy the sunset.


8. Enjoy the sun in Athens

If you think that the romantic capital of Europe is Rome, many people would agree with you, but you would not be 100% right. Athens may sound a little unusual, but it has the same romantic atmosphere as its Italian colleague . Replete with ancient history and with the Greek islands a stone’s throw away, a trip to Athens can only be spectacular. If you like nature, go up to Mount Lycabetus, which hides a small chapel and incredible panoramic views of the city. End the day with a trip to see the sunset from the Temple of Poseidon.

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