How to Make Your Exam Preparation Easy?

Study tips (How to prepare for the exam) : “Examination” …. As soon as you hear this word, a sensation spreads among many students. Now the examination season is underway and students have lot of concerns about the Exam Preparation. So I wondered why all of you should share some tips about the Exam Preparation that I have adopted in my life. I found that this happens many times, we prepare for our exam very well but we can not do as well as in the exam and make many mistakes, which makes us very sad and lacks confidence in our confidence . Let me tell you this that there is a great difference between the art of examining and the art of examinations.

A student should pay equal attention to both aspects, if he wishes to do his best in the exam, then it is a 100% claim that if he follows properly the few easy ways described below, that at least in your score An improvement of 10% will definitely happen. Then let’s start late for the exam tips.

I believe that our examinations here are only 20-30 days in a year, if we take 1 year (365 days) then it is obvious that in the rest of the days, we are very stressful and stress free Are. If we think the same thing in another way that if we have 300+ days exams in a year, we will not have any fears of examinations, that is because we are afraid of any work if we continually perform in our natural practice or routine. Do not think so. And this also applies in Exams.

Other reasons are also responsible for the lack of practice, lack of a good plan.

Success Tips in Competitive Examination – Exam Preparation Tips

Regular Self Test NOTE:  To start a new practice, Self-test to every day. Write whatever you read throughout the day in your copy in Short Points. And try to write some definite questions without looking at it without seeing it. Take help of your friend or teachers to check all these tests. And if this is not possible then you can also check your Answer Sheet yourself. After a few weeks, you will start getting results. I believe that by doing self-introspection, we will have the impression of our mistakes so that in the future we will not repeat those mistakes.

Do not rely on prior studies:  It is a very small habit that we should take care of our subjects from the beginning of studies and not just before the exam. If a student adopts this small habit in his life, he will not have any tension of examination and he can write exams in a very relaxed and peaceful manner in those days.

Cold brain:  Research has found that a cool brain can work 4 times better than a disturbed mind. And if our mind is calm then our mistakes will be less and we can write exams very well.

The last few days of the exam are only suitable for Revision:  It has been found that 90% of the students start studying only a few days before the examination. By doing so, he reads a lot of courses in a very short period of time. For this reason only revision should be done in the last month of the examination. So that we will have a good grasp of our subjects and as a result our mind will also be calm, in the days of examinations.

How to Make Better Results in Your Examination Presentation – Study Tips for Exam

  • Understand every subject of your book properly, and if you do not understand it, then doubt your doubt at the same time.
  • Practice your subjects continuously.
  • Take practice practice every day, every 7 days, 15 days, 30 days.
  • At least 2 full exams should be given at the end of the course.
  • Whenever any important information is displayed, do not forget to underline it and keep it in your note book.
  • Do not forget to update your Note Book from time to time, doing so will make it easier for you to revision.

Strategic Plan for Exam Preparation Study Tips

In order to deal with any odd situation, we should have a Subsidiary Plan ready so that you do not have to take much tension at the time of the exam. Like what you will do

  • If some questions are outside of your course
  • If you do not know the answer to some questions
  • If the proposal letter becomes difficult
  • If you spend too much time in a question
  • If you make a calculation mistake in hurry
  • If you lose some time before the exam
  • If you do not like the test environment then
  • If you do not remember some points of a well-prepared question
  • If you suspect a question then
  • If you can not decide which of the questions should be started first
  • How much time to spend in
  • And many such questions …… ..

If you are already aware of all these possibilities, then you can compete with them on all these occasions. The second thing is that if you are mentally prepared then you can face all difficulties easily.

1. The art of writing: (for descriptive exams)
is not enough to read more than just if your handwriting is very beautiful and you have to present your answers in a big way, then there is a plus point for you. This art is called the Art of Presentation. By doing this, your answers get separated from the rest, and this thing focuses the examiner’s attention.

Nobody can teach this art, but for this, he will have to get a lot of exercise and a little creativity. With Creativity you can write very good and to the point answer.

2. Biological Clock:
Always give your exams at home exactly at the same time that you are going to give at the Examination Center. There is a great advantage to doing this, that it will synchronize your body’s natural clock at the same time and if this happens, it will not need to be ready in the day of the examination and it will work in its full potential Will look.

3. Speed ​​(Accuracy) and Accuracy: (For Competitive Exams)
In Competitive Exams, these two things hold very much. This is because only the time is reduced in the exam itself. For example, if any student gets more time on the subject, then he can answer the whole question. But this is not possible because there is a limit of time too. Successful in examinations are those who have good grip in Speed ​​and Accuracy. And both of these things are possible only by continuous practice.

4. Friendship:
If we have already created a test habit every day, then we will not be tension even on the exam day, because we have become so much accustomed by examinations that even these examinations will give us a common Looks like the exam. Just like we do not feel afraid to meet our friend because we meet her every day, we will not have any fear in the days of exams.

5. Daily Routine:
If you follow a permanent dictatorial life in your life then you can give time to everything and you can enjoy your life in a better way. You can experience well in time, play, talk with friends, spend time with family, etc.

6. Consistency in work:
Continuity is very important in doing any work. It is the continuation that helps us to do something that seems impossible. For example, if a student studies hard after the first 3 days in one week and enjoys in the rest of the day, then another student continuously strives for the same work every day of the week. Research has found that the second student performs well in the examination, its only and only one reason that is continuity.

7. Sleep (Energy) and Energy Management (Management):
A person needs 6 hours of sleep during the day. If there is 24 hours in one day then it is clear that if we provide sleep for 6 hours, then we have 18 hours to survive and whose use we have done properly throughout the day, we will be left with a lot of time. Important work to do With more or less sleep this also affects us in the energy level, which can cause us fatigue. That is why we have to set a reasonable time for sleeping so that we can use our entire energy in our life in a responsible manner.

8. Smart Diet:
Our eating habits also have a lot of effect on the exam, so that’s why we should take care of this too. Large doctors say that eating stimulant food is very beneficial. We should keep our diet healthy and balanced so that it does not have any of our sleep and strength in instability. This will be a full day in our body which will give us the excitement to do more work.

9. Live at present:
This happens whenever we sit to study, we have many ideas like movies, songs, games. When we are with our family then we are concerned about our friends, and when we are with our friends then we worry about our school’s homework. This happens because our mind is not stable. To stabilize the mind, we should seek the help of yoga, because through yoga and practice we can achieve stability over our minds so that we can employ our mind in important work.

Examinations and Difficulties

We should understand the main purpose of the exam, the test is a criterion, so that we can test our preparation. Here is a point to note that no examination is a final examination. In life, we will have to give such many trials, if we become a boy by the result of an examination, then we will begin to feel scared and despised by the exam which is not good for us. Think that the examinations and difficulties are part of our life and that is why our personality is the real identity.

In my opinion, I request you people to work hard to stop yourself from yourself and keep in mind that “the harder the struggle will be, the better the victory will be .”

I have taught one thing in my life so far

Always remember that this life is very small, to live it, do not waste it on things worthless.

I hope you got a lot of information about how to prepare for the exam preparation tips.

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