8 sunny destinations south of the equator

From the beautiful islands of Fiji and Bora Bora to the tropical landscapes of Mauritius and Bali, there are many incredible places (and constantly bathed by the sun) that you can not miss.

Life is much better if we spend it on the beach, nobody can say no. But for most people who live in the northern hemisphere there is a season full of coats and cups of tea that does not let them live that continuous life of sunny days on the beach. If you want to be in bikini all year and drinking ice cream cocktails, you have to head south. From the beautiful islands of Fiji and Bora Bora to the tropical landscapes of Mauritius and Bali, there are many incredible places (and constantly bathed by the sun) that you can not miss.

1. Get to know paradise in Bora Bora

Bora Bora

We recommend that you book a one way ticket to Bora Bora, because there is no way you want to leave this paradise. Spend your vacation enjoying the island on a jet ski and diving into the crystal clear waters of the ocean whenever you have the chance. If you prefer an adventure at less speed, put the fins and visit the fish, sharks and rays that hide in the ocean (they are friendlier than they seem).

2. Jump from island to island in Fiji

island in Fiji

Does it sound good to jump from an island paradise where there is no winter to another? Then head for the sunny islands of Fiji. Start with the Mamanuca Islands, but we warned you: there are twenty islands and each one is prettier than the previous one, so decide what to visit and what can not be quite difficult. However, no trip to Mamanuca is complete without a visit to the white sand beaches and snorkeling spots on the island of Tivua.

3. Let yourself be surprised in Mauritius


It is possible that Mauritius is the most undervalued destination on this list. Located 2,000 kilometers from the east coast of Africa, this island has everything from an underwater waterfall to UNESCO heritage landscapes and a famous rum around the world. And, of course, spectacular beaches. It may be that the most beautiful are in the nearby Ile aux Cerfs. If relaxing on paradisiacal beaches is not your thing, change the coast through the tropical interior to discover waterfalls and lush forests.

4. Visit to kangaroos in Australia

kangaroos in Australia

There are many chances that you do not know Kangaroo Island. However, this huge island (it is the third largest in Australia ) is the perfect destination for nature lovers. You will see seals, sea lions and dolphins along the entire coast, as well as koalas and, of course, kangaroos in the interior. Kangaroo Island is not, however, just an island for those who like nature: it is also a paradise for lovers of gastronomy and wine. On the island, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay wines are produced, the perfect companions to admire the sunset.

5. Explore more than the beaches of Bali

beaches of Bali

When you arrive in Bali you can not help but think that you are on the set of a movie. Every corner of the most spectacular island of Indonesia is more amazing than the next and, moreover, this place offers something for all tastes. If you like the beach, here are some of the most beautiful in Asia, while if you prefer adventure, you can snorkel in the coral reefs. In the interior of Bali you will also find strong emotions: the experience that you can not miss is to admire the sunrise from the top of Mount Batur.

6. Immerse yourself in South Africa

South Africa

From safaris and wine tastings to experience paragliding, the Rainbow Nation has everything you need to forget about the ravages of winter. Start your South African adventure in Cape Town. From here it’s easy to get to Robben Island, Boulders Beach (where you can see the penguins!) And Hermanus, famous for whale watching. After Cape Town, travel the famous Garden Route and enjoy one of the best road trips in the world.

7. Explore the landscapes of New Zealand

landscapes of New Zealand

New Zealand is perfect for adventurers and fans of “The Lord of the Rings”, of course. Lovers of the film will feel at home exploring Hobbiton, located a couple of hours south of Auckland. When you finish your day in La Comarca, explore the best places on the North Island, including the Coromandel Cathedral Cove and the caves illuminated by the luminous worms of Waitomo. Make sure you leave time to explore the South Island and enjoy the (even more) spectacular scenery, especially the Abel Tasman National Park (perfect for kayaking) and Milford Sound.

8. Let yourself be seduced by the tango in Argentina

tango in Argentina

Perhaps Argentina is not the first place that comes to your mind when you think of sunny places. However, this underrated gem is as impressive as New Zealand in terms of landscapes, especially if you visit Patagonia or the coastal city of Mar del Plata in summer. In addition to natural spectacles, you can also discover Buenos Aires in its heyday. If you think that New York is the city that never sleeps, wait to see how the city ​​of tango is animated in summer.


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