How to Install Multiple Plugins in WordPress?

Plugins are a great option to add new features to WordPress and make your website limitless. The secret to the success of WordPress is also the plugins. Whenever we need a new feature in WordPress. By searching on Google we find some plugin related to it, and that feature gets added to our website. Today 75,000 plugins have been developed for WordPress.

There are different ways to install WordPress plugins, which we have already mentioned in the article below:

You will surely have 10-20 plugins that you would like to use on every one of your WordPress websites, in this way, searching, downloading, installing and activating every single plugin can be a long process. In order to make your work easier, we decided to write today’s article.

Today I am going to share a trick with you in this article, so that you can install multiple plugins by using their WordPress Repository links, save once and save your precious time.

  • You will need an additional plugin to install multiple plugins together. The name of this plugin is: Bulk Install Profiles

You can upload and activate this plugin by uploading it from the above link, uploading it to your WordPress site or blog.

After you install and activate this plugin, after that, go to Plugins > Bulk Install Profiles .

In this you have to understand one thing carefully.

What do profiles mean?

Profiles here means group of plugins that you want to install. In this you have to basically raise the plugin link of the official repository of WordPress, which will be something like this:

  • You have to remove the hyphens from this plugin-name-example .
  • That is, keep the plugin name example and paste it into the text area. Every new plugin has to add this name to a new line.

For example you can see, this plugin has a default profile, in which plugins names are written according to the URLs of some plugins in the official repository of WordPress:

Bulk Plugins Profiler Plugin

You can create a list according to the names of your favorite plugins, and then save it as a new profile. All you have to do is click on the Save Profile button by entering names of all the plugins. To install plugins together either select your already existing profile or add the URLs based names of all plugins, and then click on the Download plugins and save profile button.

This way you will be able to install multiple WordPress plugins simultaneously.

This is a very featureful plugin, which has many great things. Such as:

  • Save profiles by creating an online account

Online Plugin Profiles

You can create plugins of your own accordingly and save it in the created account by going to their website. Then again, you can install all the plugins of any online saved profile using this plugin, by visiting any website.

  • Exporting Profiles

Export profiles

You can create a profile of all the plugins of your site together with the Export option.

  • Import Profiles to Other Websites

Import Plugin Profiles

You can also export the exported file by visiting another website, uploading it to this plugin, and importing it.

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