How to Use Instagram for Business Purposes

Did you know that 45% of all businesses fail after five years? Your business doesn’t have to be part of that trend — if you develop the right business brand. Invest your efforts in marketing your brand on social media, and you can achieve recognition and stability.

Read on to learn how to use Instagram for business success!

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Determine the Tone of Your Company Brand

If you’re a consulting agency, you may want to feature crisp photographs with clean, polished captions. But if you’re running a t-shirt shop, bold colors and playful narratives will work better. Whatever you do, be consistent with your visual style and text.

Use an Instagram account for business, too. You’ll be able to check insights and embed more links. And visitors will be able to click a contact button for easy access to your email, phone number, or location.

Be Active with Posts and Stories

When it comes to brand-building tips, a big one is to be consistent in your promotional efforts. Post photos and updates at least several times a week to get started. And toss out captioning contests or questions to engage with visitors.

Use direct messages to provide more detailed responses to questions from consumers. Add a few hashtags to lead other Instagram users to your profile. But don’t stuff each post with dozens of hashtags, or else you’ll look desperate.

Offer Live Coverage to Promote Products

In addition to publishing stories, you can offer live coverage on Instagram. You’ll develop a stronger connection with potential customers if you give them an unedited glimpse of what you do. And the video can stick around for 24 hours after it’s aired live.

For instance, if you operate a coffee shop, take them behind the scenes. Show users employees creating a special rose-infused drink for Valentine’s Day. Or if you operate an event venue, show your staff setting things up for a wedding.

Map Out a Content Schedule

Social media marketing for businesses needs to be regular, and ideally during peak hours. Posting images or video content during weekday afternoons will offer the most promise for engagement.

Ask your social media manager to map out a schedule to ensure daily posts. They can develop posts in advance and deploy them on specific days. Highlight products, employees, and unique stats about your business or industry.

If you’re low on fresh content, share posts from non-competing brands you respect. When you endorse their company brand, there’s a good chance they’ll reciprocate that gesture down the road.

Use Metrics to Gauge Impact

Is your Instagram strategy elevating the company brand? Track analytics to measure your impressions and reach. Reach refers to the total number of visitors who see a story or post.

Reach is what you want to increase most since it generates more unique traffic. Check your engagement rate, too, to see if you’re having more success with posts or stories.

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Learn How to Use Instagram for Business Success

Still, wondering how to use Instagram for business success? Commit to posting engaging content during peak times each day. And feature top products and use metrics to measure your impact.

Find more tips to keep your business healthy. Check back for new and informative articles!

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