11 Tips for Creating a Secure Password and How to Memorize it

All of us suffer from how to create a secure password for the accounts we join: how many characters should be placed, whether they should be long, how to save them, what happens if they are hacked, etc. Secure password is one of the first steps towards greater digital security. If your password is hacked, hackers can access valuable information, steal your balance and destroy your reputation by distributing malicious content on your behalf.

How do you create a secure password?

From here we will give you some tips that will help you to create a secure password, in addition to a set of important tips to manage the password and ensure the security procedures and how to remember if you forgot.

1. Password must be complex

Do not use passwords you can easily guess, such as using the names or dates of your relatives or friends, and you should not choose passwords like your first name, last name, or city. These words can be detected in seconds. Your password should contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

There is a general rule the longer your password is, the better. The Desire website is a password generator that provides a good way to create a strong password.

2. Do not use the same password for multiple websites

Follow the rule: One password for one website, and in doing so you will prevent hackers from easily accessing your other accounts using the same password.

3. Do not reveal your password to anyone else

Passwords should not be given easily. In general, passwords should not be shared with others. If you need to share your password with someone else, be sure to change it once your post has ended.

4. Do not record the password on a sheet

If you do, do not leave the paper on your desk, where anyone can see it. Also avoid typing the password on the site you use.

5. Change your password regularly

Doing so will prevent you from entering someone else into your account that you have already given your password.

6. Verify that your password is strong

After you create a password, you can use some online services to verify how safe your password is. Microsoft offers suggestions to check how strong your password is. All you need to do is type your password, then read the label you got. You can also verify the strength of your password here.

So the website is password safe? Not only does it verify password security, it also tells you how much time it takes to hack it. The site also provides you with comments about your password, the length of the word and the possibilities available to you, or whether it is easy to guess your password.

7. If you can not create a complex password, you can turn to specialized websites

Password Generator Allows you to choose between different types of passwords, which are suitable for use on websites or servers.

Secure Password Generator from Symantec allows you to create random passwords.

8. If you forget what password you created these tools to track your passwords

Password management helps you keep track of your passwords without having to remember them all. These tools are effective and can be used free of charge:

9. Key Plus & Key Plus

Two free password management programs that can be used on the go and stored on USB. At present, these two programs appear to be the most common among free tools. And allows the user to store passwords using only one password to access the rest of the passwords.

10. Last Pass

Last Pass is one of the free tools available for Windows and Mac OS. This program automatically saves your login, helps you create passwords and enters them into the website you want to browse.

11. Firefox Sync

This program protects your passwords, addresses and Internet pages. Firefox users can also add to Key Fox, so you only need a primary password.


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