Has Your Mobile Fallen into the Water? How to Fix it

The smart phone is always exposed because it falls on the ground or in the water, and this is something we may not always realize. Despite the issuance of smart phones against water and dust, but he always keep attention to what may be exposed to the mobile when falling into the water.

This always happens in the summer especially that there are a large number of people like to photograph on the sea and therefore remain mobile offer to fall in the water.

Here are the most important steps that must be taken when the fall of mobile in the water:

  1. The user to remove the water from the water quickly to be rubbed with a towel and shut it if it is still working.
  2. The user to put his mobile in a howl full of rice, which works to absorb water quickly.
  3. Here we warn again that the user does not divert the mobile through the hair dryer because the temperature is too high and can lead to the melting of some parts of the mobile what will destroy it.
  4. The mobile must be sent to the company and informed that it has fallen into the water until they do the necessary things to repair it .
  5. Before all this, the user must have a backup copy of what is in his mobile, whether it is on iOS or Android.

Will we be able to seek help through iPhone?

According to some press information, Apple has recently acquired a new patent that enables mobile users to call the emergency by using the fingerprint scanner.

Mobile phone users will be able to dial an emergency service number by programming a mobile phone on a certain order to touch their fingers without knowing the attacker by sending a text message, audio or video to help.

This feature will allow communication with police or other paramedics if this is not possible by classic and known methods.

The user can program his iPhone to identify a specific sequence of the fingers, for example, programming on the sequence as a command to call the police.


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