Tips for Giveaways: What will Make the Most Impact?

Many companies have recognized that giving away free products has the potential to increase their customer base. Customers who sample a product for free and like it are much more likely to purchase a full-sized item in the future. Free products will also help when it comes to extra advertising; if other people see the shirt, hat, pen, or whatever the item happened to be, your business branding will become more recognizable and means it becomes more trustworthy, encouraging more customers.

Of course, you must give away the right products. If you offer something no one wants and won’t use, it is a waste of time and money. If you’re going to give something away, it needs to count. Read on to find out what items will make the most impact when you offer them as free gifts.

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Water Bottles

Single-use plastic is something we all need to use less of if we want to take better care of the environment. Yet, we also need to ensure we keep hydrated through the day. To make sure we can do both of these things, giving away promotional water bottles can help.

A water bottle is handy since you will most likely use it on daily, whether it is sitting on your client’s desk, taken with them between meetings, or they take it to the gym after work. This keeps your brand in the public eye for a more extended period of time. Plus, it shows that your company is committed to being environmentally friendly, which many people want to see and will encourage them to buy from you.


Pens are always useful. Having one in your pocket or bag just in case you need it is crucial, and you know how good it feels when you receive one for free; you’re always grateful – you can never have too many pens. So why not be the giver instead of the receiver, and offer your customers and clients branded pens?

These pens will often be seen on someone’s desk or be used repeatedly throughout the day, even being lent to others. This broadens your reach dramatically, and even if your company name isn’t consciously seen, it can be subconsciously remembered, and over time, that will bring you a lot more customers.

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Electronic devices have a much higher perceived value than mugs or t-shirts, for example. The fact that you can’t make one or even fully understand how it works gives the impression that it’s expensive, so it’s a worthwhile item to be given for free.

The very best electronic item to give away has to be a USB. This is something that everyone will have use, from business document storage to keeping their family vacation photos safe. Plus, since we’re all trying to use less paper, a USB helps to prevent too much printing and will add to your environmental credentials. It’s certainly something that will be used and not just thrown in a drawer never to be seen again.

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