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How to Find Work as a Freelance Video Editor

Did you know there are currently more than 32,490 video editors working in the USA?

This booming industry is at the heart of popular media, marketing, entertainment, and more. As the demand for video editing increases, so do the job opportunities in this booming trade.

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If you’re wondering how to find work as a freelance video editor, we’ve got you covered. This informative guide shows you how to refine your skills, penetrate the market, and win production contacts. Read on for more information on freelance work for video editors.

Master a Genre

Whether you’re editing a motion picture or a 30-second commercial, having a thorough grasp of your chosen genre will guide the editing process.

Choosing and mastering a genre will help you develop a themed portfolio to show prospective clients. Research and study your chosen genre, then hone your filming and editing skills to develop your portfolio.

Targeting your services towards a specific genre will help you gain and maintain repeat clients.


The skills and techniques involved in video editing are constantly evolving. Thus, your skillset must follow suit.

Practice using video editing software and continue experimenting with different methods. You can earn new abilities and enhance your skills by making sample pieces.

Look out for online forums – you can connect with like-minded freelancers and trade video editing tips. Even if you feel your portfolio is full, keep working on projects. You’ll learn new techniques and perfect your style.

Get a Degree

While you don’t need a degree to become a video editor, a bachelor’s degree in film studies or production could help excel your skills and employability. Higher education guides your vision and provides you the opportunity to find your voice as a video editor.

You could also look online for certification programs or enroll in community college as an alternative to a degree. Because industry technology evolves so quickly, ongoing training keeps you abreast of current trends and breakthroughs.

Freelance content creators are more in demand now than ever. Be sure to keep up to date with market trends.

Create an Online Portfolio

Your website is your main point of contact with potential clients. It provides a visual portfolio of your current freelance work.

A contact form lets viewers know that you’re happy to meet with them privately, showcase your work, or discuss future projects.

You should include a form on your site to gather contact information, and create a targeted marketing campaign. The more extensive and accessible your online portfolio, the better your conversion rate.

How to Find work as a Freelance Video Editor: Explained

Working as a freelance video editor is a rewarding and exciting role.

You set your own hours, interact with a diverse client base, and create beautiful art. We hope this guide has shown you how to find work as a freelance video editor.

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