The Multiple Advantages of Working Freelance

In our increasingly uncertain world where technology seems to be encroaching on almost all areas of life, including affecting future employment opportunities, an increasing number of people are shunning traditional employment in favor of working freelance.

While there’s nothing particularly new about the notion of freelancing, the last few years have seen a veritable explosion in the sector as both firms and individuals move to the more flexible work model offered by freelancing.

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For companies, the advantages of employing freelancers are unmistakable. However, if you’re in any doubt whether the style of work might suit you too, below are just some reasons to consider that might sway your opinion.

The end of 9-5 and the start of choosing your own hours

For many employees, the biggest draw of going freelance is being able to ditch the traditional Monday to Friday 9-5 and instead have the ability to choose work hours that suit them. With freelance work, you don’t have a boss standing over you monitoring your every move and instead can choose when (and where) you work. Also, when you consider the majority of people have to commute to the workplace, the actual working day can end up considerably longer than the stipulated eight hours once you factor in travel.

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Working freelance means you pick and choose the jobs you do

As a freelancer, you’ll be able to select only the jobs you want to do rather than have them forced on you by your bosses. There’s tremendous freedom to be had by taking back control of your life and only accepting work that you actually want to do.

Freelance opportunities exist in a huge range of industries these days – everything from online work to courier jobs – and offer massive diversity in available projects. For example, delivery driver jobs websites will typically feature extensive lists of delivery driver jobs from which you can pick and choose – anything from short-run projects to country-wide courier work.

The freelance life is less expensive

From the removal of the daily commute to being able to wear the clothes you want to wear, there are considerable savings to be had from the freelance lifestyle. Of course, from time to time, it’s likely you’ll have to put on a suit and travel to attend a client meeting but, other than that, you’re free to do what you want to do. You’ll also save money on other associated costs like spending money on food at work or newspapers/magazines/snacks to keep you busy during the commute.

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Also, as a rule, freelancers get to charge more for their services than their full-time counterparts meaning if you’re smart, you could both save money on your expenses and increase your income. It really can be a financial win-win when it comes to moving to the freelance work model.

You can use the existing resources of your clients

The recent spread of coronavirus forced many companies into making substantial investments in their tech and networks, with most moving to advanced cloud-based computing services to run software and for storage. Depending on the contract, you’ll often find these same firms give you limited access to these online resources, meaning you could even end up saving money by using their software and resources rather than having to invest yourself.


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