5 Ways To Create Holiday Memories

People who love to travel appreciate that spending time in a different location, or foreign land, has a positive impact on the mind, body and spirit, and on health and wellbeing. If you’re someone who enjoys filling up the pages of luxury travel photo albums with stunning photographs of your travel adventures, our 5 creative ways of creating lasting holiday memories will help to make your future expeditions and explorations even more special.

1. Collecting Travel Souvenirs

Whether you’re on holiday abroad, or spending your free time closer to home, buying souvenirs is one tradition that should never be forgotten. While you can preserve the photos of your trip in stylish travel photo albums, having a collection of items that you can hold in your hand enhances the memory of your travel experiences.

Visiting new international destinations, or different parts of the country that you live in, gives you an opportunity to experience an alternative way of life. Local customs, traditions and cultures add a further dimension to the diversity of your travel experience.

There are many things that can make great take home souvenirs. You can start a collection of small items, like pebbles, postcards, maps, or fridge magnets. Handcrafted pieces that are unique to the area are hugely popular souvenirs. If you have ample space to display larger souvenirs, you might like to collect wall hangings or framed pictures painted by local artists. Some people also like to collect items of clothing that they can wear when hosting a travel themed get together with family and friends.

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2. Make A Travel Memory Pin Map

Before you board a train, plane or automobile that takes you to a far-flung exotic destination, it’s helpful to locate the country you’re travelling to on a map. If you’re an avid globetrotter, you can easily create happy holiday memories by making your own one-of-a-king travel memory pin map.

There are many pre-made travel memories maps available to buy. These can be easily customised by decorating the template with push pins that mark out the places you have visited, and by adding colourful stickers.

If you prefer to make your own DIY travel memory pin map, you’ll need a printable map, some cut out templates, and a selection of embellishment flags that easily attach to pins. If you’ve travelled extensively in one country, you could use coloured string, twine or thread to connect a variety of pins that display the travel route of your favourite holiday journey.

3. Keep A Travel Journal

One of the best ways to complement your travel photo albums is to keep a travel journal. The biggest impact of travel is that it broadens your mind, and your outlook on life. Whether you’re on holiday with the family in a popular tourist destination, or in a secluded off-the-beaten track on a solo retreat, making time to collect your thoughts and feelings and to express them in the pages of a travel journal is wonderfully rewarding.

Before your next holiday, treat yourself to a beautiful travel journal that you can use to write about the place you are visiting, the interesting sights you see, and the new people that you meet along the way. You can also add details of the new cuisines that you’ve eaten, and other things that spark your imagination and bring your holiday to life.

If you’re not much of a scribe, a travel journal doesn’t have to have a traditional book format. If you want, you can create a travel journal on a computer, and preserve memories via emails, text documents and uploaded photos.

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4. Build A Travel Memory Box

People travel because they want to see different things and to enjoy new experiences with loved ones, or alone. As you travel and explore different cultures, you start to get a bigger picture of the world.

Building a travel memory box is an excellent way to display a variety of different objects that instantly remind you of your holidays.  A glass enclosed display or shadowbox is ideal for storing, displaying and preserving your favourite holiday photos, travel tickets, leaflets and decorations that you picked up on your trip. You can even add pebbles or sand that you collected on a sun-kissed beach while holidaying with your brood.

You can shelf display or hang the travel memory box in a focal spot in your home, so that you’re often reminded of happy times, and feel inspired to make new travel plans.

5. Create A Travelogue Look Book

If you’re a frequent traveller to different parts of the world, you’re probably someone who enjoys searching for adventure. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you’re exploring and trying new things that push your boundaries and take you out of your comfort zone.

By transforming your travel photo albums into magazine style travelogue look books, you can impress your family and friends with stunning images and daring tales of your exhilarating expeditions. You’ll also be creating a personal and priceless souvenir that you can cherish and treasure. And don’t be surprised to find that your glossy and colourful travelogue inspires wanderlust in others!

Fill the pages of your luxury photo album with photos of you climbing a mountain, or taking part in extreme sports like skydiving or scuba diving. Finish off by adding captions and comments that highlight the places you visited, the activities you enjoyed, and how you were feeling on your solo travels.


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