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3 Tips for Displaying a Collection

Whether for personal enjoyment or potential resale value, many people enjoy collecting certain types of objects. Although decorative plates, coins, dolls and stamps have been popular items for decades, people can choose to collect whatever they enjoy. For many people, one of the joys of owning a collection is in displaying it. Properly displaying items can allow them to be admired while keeping them safe from harm.

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1. Highlight Special Objects

Most collectors have their favorite items and want to showcase them the right way. Creating a display that focuses on the most cherished items can emphasize the importance of the prized items. If unsure about what to focus on, then think about what items are the most special. That may end up being the first one acquired, one received as a gift or the one with the highest monetary value. An antique appraisal Austin TX can help determine the age and value of the collection if the owner is not sure.

2. Consider the Season

Some collections can be influenced by the time of year. For example, someone who collects train sets and pieces for scenery may change the display several times a year to reflect the seasons or holidays.

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3. Get Creative

Depending on the items, collections can be displayed in a variety of ways. Shelves, shadow boxes and display stands can work wonderfully. However, clear tables can combine fun and function by displaying items underneath the top. Picture frames, bookcases, vases and other household items can also be repurposed for display purposes. If space is limited, then rotating items in and out can help the display look fresh and new throughout the year.

There are many ways to display a collection, from installing hooks throughout the house to show off antique spoons to decorating picture frames to hold autographed photographs. Work with the layout of the home to create an aesthetically pleasing display.

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