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Tips for Exhibiting at a Career Fair or Business Convention

Career fairs and business conventions are opportunities for your company to network, make new connections, and further its brand. When you’re exhibiting for your firm, you’re an ambassador for your company, industry, and region. Potential hires, clients, and business partners will draw conclusions about your organization based on the impression you make. Here are some tips to consider.

Be Approachable

It’s important to look approachable at your company’s booth. Many strangers will walk past over the entire career. The right candidate or connection is waiting and your appearance could make all the difference. Are you smiling? Are you intimidating? Do you project friendliness and confidence? What are you wearing? Many people that you don’t know are making assessments about you without your knowledge. Looking unkempt or unfriendly can negatively impact your experience.

Be Presentable

Presentation matters and while that certainly applies to you, it also includes your booth as well. Visitors are also judging your business based on your overall presentation. What displays or graphics are you using? Your company’s branding and logos should be clear and visible. This also includes any freebies that you’ve brought along. Reach out to a provider of business banners Dunkirk MD to make sure you’ve got the appropriate gear.

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Be Knowledgeable

Whether you’ll be talking to first-time job seekers or experienced professionals, it’s important to be knowledgeable about your company, industry, market, and other relevant information. This reflects well on you and your company. It reinforces the idea that you’re a great person to work with and that your organization is a great place to be.

Exhibiting at a career fair or business conference is an important part of your company or organization’s marketing strategy. As an exhibitor, you’ve been trusted to represent others by putting your best foot forward. Being approachable, presentable, and knowledgeable is critical in forming new relationships with candidates, clients, and collaborators.

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