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Trending Valet parking solutions in 2021

It can be a difficult task to find the right spot to park your car when you are at an event and you’re running out of time. Valet parking solutions come in handy during such situations. Modern man has come up with several breakthrough ideas over the years and the decades, that have forced us to completely reimagine how we did certain tasks. 

There is valet parking software available in the market now, that ensures that your car is parked safely without the owner having to move a finger. Everything is automated and can be controlled through several mobile apps and desktop apps. Some of these applications also offer the user to avail ticketless valet options and also something is known as the photo-based vehicle damage inspection. Let us look at some of the trending Valet parking solutions that are available in 2021 and compare their features to help you choose. 

Trending Valet Parking Solutions:

  • Car Parking Lifts- This is an up-and-coming method of automated parking where a mechanical lift is used to stack vehicles in a limited space by putting them on top of each other. This method has been adapted and is heavily used in West Hollywood. This can help save real estate space of up to 7,000 square feet. Efficient use of space and making sure that two or more cars can be parked safely in place of a single one is the main aim of this innovation. 
  • CVPS Valet Parking Solution- The set of Valet parking solutions offered by this company has taken the whole automobile parking industry by storm. The innovations brought about by this company, ever since its advent 25 years ago, have been delivering world-class facilities to its customers and have been striving towards achieving greater heights. Some excellent features of using this Valet parking system include protecting your car at all times from damaged photos. This software is of bullet speed and can help you track your valet drivers within seconds. Ticketless Valet, the use of fast SMS, customer request kiosks, cashless paying options – all of these features make CVPS Valet parking system an attractive and great deal. 
  • Smart Parking Sensors- These sensors use the internet to provide the users with real-time parking advantages and notifications. These can cut short the time you spend while trying to find out a proper parking area for your car when you are at a crowded event. When activated, these systems guide the users to spaces that have available parking areas around the stipulated radius. The method used by some of these sensors is to count how many vehicles are parked at a parking place and then determine which spaces are empty. 

The world is striving towards achieving more and more energy-efficient, user-friendly and less time-consuming alternatives to our day-to-day chores. Automated Valet parking aims at achieving something similar to that very concept. The features offered by these parking solutions are mighty popular amongst customers and promise exponential growth of this industry in the coming years.

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