Popular stores on Shopify: inspire yourself!

Shopify site is a popular eCommerce store platform, that enables shopping online and selling your products. But it’s not enough to have a unique product to sell, you need to have a whole marketing strategy! Check out the most popular stores on Shopify and inspire yourself!

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A successful Shopify store – what should it look like?

The best Shopify stores use a few great tricks to grab the attention of their customers and change it into conversion. How to make your online store on Shopify attractive? Here are some great tips!

Design matters

Top Shopify stores look in a way that encourages customers to peek in. If you create your own Shopify store, take extra care of the visual presentation of your website. Web design with easy-to-read font, catchy colors, crisp clear product images, and a user-friendly layout can be a huge step forward to making a great Shopify store.

Show user-generated content

Your loyal customers are your voice! Ratings, positive reviews, or even users’ photos can be the best example of your quality and reliability. In your own shop, you can use product descriptions like ‘bestseller’, or ‘users favorite’ to attract potential buyers. Don’t forget about the power of social media! Facebook or Instagram feed can add up to your Shopify store’s popularity.

Offer additional benefits

To earn the customers’ trust, you can guarantee after-sales support or a lifetime guarantee. Get your customers engaged and create some loyalty programs to take part in. Most successful Shopify stores also guarantee free shipping under some conditions.

Become Premium

Give your customers the feeling of premium quality content and products at your Shopify shop. With Shopify Plus, you can create and uniquely designed Shopify website. If you don’t know how to start with Shopify Plus, find some help! Contact Brand Active. As an Shopify agency we specialize in e-commerce, cooperating with growing e-commerce platform Shopify. Our goal is to create online stores and designing e-commerce business in Poland and worldwide. We are a complete agency, which consists of Shopify e-commerce managers, Shopify programmers. So far we have completed hundreds of projects from the fashion,  grocery, electronic.

Top 3 most popular stores on Shopify

Check out the best Shopify stores and create your uniquely designed Shopify web page! Here are the best Shopify store examples for your inspiration!

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is a fantastic online store selling menswear for budget conscious shoppers. The company is famous for making an amazing bond with its customers. People share their life stories with clothing in the background.

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is a great example of a Shopify success. It’s an incredibly popular cosmetic brand selling various beauty products, that disappear in a flash!

Sunday Somewhere

Another popular Shopify store is Sunday Somewhere. It’s a premium eyewear brand that focuses on providing the highest quality and guarantees the best customer experience.


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