5 Tips to Increase Watch Time for Your Videos on YouTube

YouTube relies on several different criteria to measure the quality of videos posted on the site using advanced algorithms. Watch time, the amount of time a user spends watching a particular video, is one of the most important factors that indicate the quality of clips within YouTube channels.

YouTube algorithms give priority to videos that attract watch time or longer viewing sessions. YouTube relies on this factor to suggest someone else’s video rather than the number of clicks on the video.

If you have a YouTube channel and want to improve your video’s watch time, here are the tips:

Create playlists

Creating playlists for videos on your channel not only ensures content organization and arrangement but also ensures long content viewing sessions.

Sorting your videos into exciting and compelling series will increase the likelihood that your viewers will see additional videos on your channel, which will reflect positively on watch time.

Choose titles and images that are accurately expressed on the content

The first thing that a viewer sees in a video is its title and thumbnail, so you have to pay attention when you choose the title to attract viewers, but at the same time do not rely on titles with any kind of misinformation, This applies to thumbnails.

The user wants to see video content that matches the title, and if he sees the beginning of the video without seeing the expected content, he will close it immediately.

Use the cards

Cards are an effective way to drive a user to take action within the video, such as linking to other videos or the website.

You can take advantage of YouTube cards to increase viewership by driving the user to action by clicking on other videos or playlists, and cards can be used within old videos to highlight some new videos on your channel.

Use keywords accurately

Users can access your videos on YouTube by searching for specific topics within a YouTube search engine, so you must select the titles of your videos and keywords carefully to ensure that a targeted audience reaches the video.

The advantage here is that those looking for a particular video within YouTube have a greater interest in watching the video and therefore if your video offers real benefit to the user, most likely it will watch it to the end.

So you have to work hard to select keywords very carefully and write titles based on what the user is looking for in YouTube.

Learn from reports

YouTube provides channel owners with detailed statistics on watch time and sections that manage to keep viewers’ attention more than others.

So you should take advantage of these reports, find common factors in low-latency videos and avoid negatives, and build on the success of high-view videos.


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