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Brand Marketing: What is Brand Image and Why is it Important?

Brand image is one of the important criteria in defining consumer satisfaction and brand perception today. Since the image of the brand in the eyes of the users is one of the situations that can cause the company to grow or damage the company, e-commerce companies should pay particular attention to this issue. In this guide, you will talk about what brand image is, why it matters, and how it can be improved.

What is the Brand Image?

Brand image is a term that describes consumers’ thoughts, impressions, opinions, and feelings about a brand. In other words, it is how consumers perceive and interpret the brand’s identity. Since the brand image also depends on personal experiences, the image of the brand is good for some consumers, while the brand image may be bad for the consumers who have bad experiences and are not satisfied with the service they receive. For this reason, doing studies to increase customer satisfaction will ensure a better brand-image in general.

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Brand image and identity are also different definitions. It is necessary to distinguish well.

Brand identity is your work on how you want your brand to appear by others. Logo, slogan, aesthetic and visual works, and communication language are important here.

As mentioned above, the brand image is how consumers see you. How your logo, slogan, visual, and communication language is perceived from the outside affects your image.

Why is Brand Image Important?

Important for Your Brand Recognition

In order for your brand to be recognized and known among consumers like logo design agency UK, your image must also be good. When your brand-image is good, consumers start talking more about you. In addition, since the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing efforts will help you improve your image, you should reach your target audience through the right channels by developing the right marketing strategies.

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Effective in Word of Mouth

Brand image is a metric that improves with customer satisfaction, and the happier customers you have, the more likely they are to recommend you to their community. Due to the nature of social proof and word of mouth, getting consumers to recommend you will strengthen your brand identity. Since people are more confident in the advice they get from their own environment, it is very important that you work to improve your image.

Allows You to Increase Your Sales

With the increase in customer satisfaction, you can gain loyal customer masses as well as gain new customers because these people recommend you to the people around them. In addition, as having positive comments about your brand on social media will support your brand identity, you can reach new consumers on the internet and become a valuable company in their eyes. This naturally allows you to increase your sales as it will enable users to prefer you in their shopping.

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How to Improve the Brand Image?

Build Your Brand Identity

First of all, it is important to create your brand identity in this process. You need to create and prepare your corporate identity by determining how you want consumers to see you. In this way, you begin to have an image that consumers will consider and evaluate. You can find out more about brand identity in our guide below.

Give The Same Message On All Platforms as A Brand

When working on brand identity, you must reflect your brand identity in the same way on all platforms. Your messages and slogans should be coherent and consistent. This way, you can deliver the same message to different target audiences on different platforms.

Consistency in Your Marketing and Advertising Efforts

Just like your messages, there must be consistency in your marketing and advertising efforts. Giving the same messages to consumers and having a visual integrity in your work will make your brand easier to recognize. Your visual elements and designs are very important in terms of visual perception.

Increase Your Customer Support Quality

One of the things you need to do for the brand-image is to increase your customer support quality as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. Providing quality support before and after sales, increasing customer satisfaction and solving problems of consumers quickly will increase the quality of support. The pre-sales and then the consumers who receive good service will turn into loyal customers and make positive comments about you. This means that they will refer you.

Try to Increase Positive Reviews On the Internet

One of the things you need to do while working for the brand identity is to increase the comments made about you on the internet. It is also important in terms of social proof that you increase user comments on both social networks and product pages on your website. When you get positive comments about your brand, the trust of your consumers will increase. In this way, your brand-image is positively affected.

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