5 Marketing Tools to Put to Work

Marketing is integral to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, there are plenty of marketing tools available that fit the needs and budgets of each. The following are just a few marketing tools that you can quickly and easily put to work for your company.

  • CRM: CRM or customer relationship management software is effective for managing everything about your customers and the interactions you have with them. It’s a great way to keep the information organized and easily accessible for all members of a team.
  • Social Media: With billions of active social media users, utilizing social media in marketing is an important move for any company. The best part is that it can be completely free unless you choose to pay for specific things.
  • Business Text Messaging: Business text message software allows businesses to automate communication, deliver personalized messaging, and deliver targeted messages en masse. Plus, customers enjoy the convenience of texting as opposed to answering calls and emails.
  • SEO: SEO is a free or very low-cost way to bring customers to you. It provides many benefits, including reaching audiences you might never think to target.
  • Video Marketing: Consumers love video content. By utilizing this method of marketing, you achieve a higher chance of attracting your audience and engaging with them.

Each of these marketing tools provides benefits for businesses of all sizes. The pricing associated with each will depend specifically on your needs and your goals, but each tool has an option that can suit any budget.

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