Tips for Charities: Great Gifts for Donors

Letting donors know that they are recognized and appreciated, and that they play an integral role in the sustainability of your organization is extremely important.

It is a great way to strengthen bonds of trust between charities and their donors, while helping nurture positive exposure for the value of your cause.

One of the best ways of saying thank you is to send a highly personalized gift to your donors, effectively providing them with a customized keepsake that bears their name and represents the gratitude of your organization.

It is possible to overdo it, however, so in order to make sure you reap the benefits of thankful donors, without annoying them, here are some ideas you might want to consider.

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Commemorative Bricks

What better way to represent the foundational importance of donors than to immortalize their names on a beautiful commemorative brick?

You might want to check out BrickMarkers for some wonderful engraving options. This can be a wonderful way to show your donors that they provide a permanent support structure for your organization.

A Donation Journal

Transparency is vital when running a charity, as it helps people understand how exactly their donation is being used, and what you have been doing to work towards your ultimate goal.

A donation journal can be a great gift, as it can detail the journey you have embarked on together, how far you have come and how much their generosity has supported you.

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A Poem

Not all poetry has to be impossibly complex or contrived, it can be fun, lighthearted and a great bridge-building tool.

The classic limerick is a highly underrated, concise form that can make a highly personalized thank you gift, and perhaps bring a smile to someone’s face.

Tote Bags

People enjoy donating to causes that mean a great deal to them, so why not give them the chance to tell the world about it with a one-of-a-kind tote bag made just for them?

This can also be a good way to give your organization some organic exposure, which is usually an incredibly handy marketing tool.

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Their Name in Lights

If you need to give your website a fresh new look, perhaps it might be worth implementing a rotating banner on your homepage that carries the names of all your donors, lit up for all to see.

A Handmade Bracelet

Awakening your inner crafting prowess and making a handmade bracelet can provide a superb gift for your donors.

They are inexpensive to make, fairly easy to make look good, while being an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic gifts.

Handwritten Thank You Notes

Thank you notes tend to feel empty and insincere if they are typed up in what looks like a standard word document template.

Handwriting a thank you note offers the element of the human touch, which might otherwise be missing from a typed note.

Don’t Forget Them

Even if you know you won’t ever forget your donors, it can be important that they know it, too.

Showing them that you care through gifts can help your organization grow in a positive light in the eyes of the public.


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