5 essential steps to plan your day

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and I have one thing in common. We all have the same amount of time per day: 24 hours to use them as we want. The last time I checked, both Bill and Warren were a little more successful than me. Sure, they have resources that I do not have, but let’s put that aside and see the things we have in common.

I share with you 5 essential steps that anyone can do to plan their day and grow.

1. Remember that tomorrow starts today. Productive people do not allow the day to end without making a list of goals they will meet the next day. This is the easiest task you can do to improve your action.

If you take a moment to know what you can achieve tomorrow, you will make better decisions. If you wait until the next day you will find things that will take time and sabotage your ability to plan. “Tomorrow starts today” is a better philosophy.

2. Plan your day around your main results instead of the tasks that keep you busy. This is the only key reason why it is important to have your goals in front of you. Each day, your goal should be to get closer to achieve one or more goals.

3. Set aside time to be with other productive people. We become the people with whom we associate. The best way to get information is by being with people who can give it to you. Do not let your day be consumed by individuals from whom you can not benefit. More than anything, this activity can and will have a substantial impact on your long-term success.

4. Adhere to your plan a goal that you are able to meet during the day. Reaching a goal at the beginning of the day will motivate you and give you a boost. You have to be focused on our most important activities first, but within those activities put a goal that you know you can finish fast.

5. Ask yourself what I learned today and how will I use it tomorrow? Productive people are always learning and looking for ways to acquire new knowledge and use them.

These five proven steps work so well that you will be surprised at the positive impact they will have on your life. The reality is that we all have the same amount of time every day. What do you do with those hours?

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