7 Signs You’re Depressed (and Why It Matters)

Are you depressed? Many people have no idea if they are or not – until it’s gotten out of control. In today’s day and age, it’s not uncommon to experience at least some form of depression. Knowing when it’s becoming more than you can handle and it’s going on for extended periods of time will help you reach out for help.

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Top Signs You’re Experiencing Depression

There are quite a few signs to look for that will tell you if you’re experiencing depression. It’s also important to know that men are less likely to realize that they’re depressed than women.

#1: Loss of Interest

You may feel as though you’re not interested in anything anymore. You’ve started to cancel outings with friends. You don’t participate in hobbies or sports anymore. The idea of doing anything just seems like more hassle than it’s worth. If you find yourself pulling away, identify it for what it is rather than going with it.

#2: Feelings of Hopelessness

Depression can start to affect your mood. You may start to feel hopeless about your ability to change things in your life – your weight, your job, or anything else. You may even find that you’re accepting guilt for things that are out of your control.

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#3: Increased Fatigue

No matter how much sleep you get, you may find that you’re tired. This isn’t a matter of not getting enough sleep – it’s fatigue. It may be that the depression is so severe that it’s preventing you from getting the sound sleep that your body needs.

#4: Frequent Anxiety Attacks

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at times – and when you’re depressed, anxiety attacks may hit you more regularly. You may experience rapid breathing, increased sweating, and even a muscle twitch.

#5: Changes in Appetite

Whatever your appetite usually is, you’ll notice it is different with depression. If you typically snack a lot, you won’t want to eat anything – and if you’re usually good about what you eat, you’ll find that you have the munchies.

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#6: Uncontrolled Emotions

You’re mad, you’re sad, you’re getting upset about the smallest things. When you can’t seem to control your emotions, it’s often a sign of depression. In many instances, you won’t notice it – it will be others who will mention that you seem a bit out of control and less like yourself.

#7: Considerations of Suicide

If clinical depression goes untreated for too long, you may have considered taking your own life. There’s never a reason to turn to suicide – by seeking medical attention, you can learn that there’s a reason for living.

Why Getting Help for Depression Matters

Depression, if left untreated using such things as antidepressants and psychotherapy, can last for months or even years. Depression can have a tremendous impact on your life. It may manifest itself in your physical and mental health. You may find that you’re at greater risk of a stroke, heart attack, and stomach ulcers.

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Many people will also turn to various substances for some immediate relief. It may start out as a trip to the bar at the end of the work shift or pouring a glass before going to bed. Over time, because of not getting the proper help for the depression, the “relief” can turn into a substance abuse disorder. By seeking alcohol rehab Austin residents can get the help that they need to overcome the addiction. This includes identifying the depression and providing the necessary recovery tactics.

Untreated depression can affect everyone differently. There’s no reason for it to rule your life when there are ways to get it treated.

Once you realize that you’re depressed, don’t assume that it will go away on its own. Seek help so that you can avoid it impacting your physical and mental health more than it already has.


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