These are the glasses that you must wear according to the shape of your face

We all have one, although when a colleague betrays us we see the second. This is the face that has touched us in luck and with it we have to learn to live, but do you know what kind of face you have?

Yes, David Beckham’s is the one we all want, but today we’re going to show you how to draw the lines to determine which face shape you have and, like a football team, it’s very bad to change. Knowing what type of face you have is determining for your hairstyle , for your beard and also for the choice of sunglasses.

The stars of Hollywood will help us determine how round, square, elongated or oval faces are, we will also see the difference between having a small or large face, so that we tell which glasses look better in each case. What if you’ve been wrong all your life with your face and your glasses? You are in time to solve it.

These tips are good for both sunglasses and prescription glasses. If you are a hard face surely you will be all right …

Square face man

brad pitt, brad pitt square face, square face shape man, square face man

We start with Brad Pitt and the square face, which is characterized by a very angular jaw, the same width as the forehead (so take the meter and do not cheat). They are especially masculine faces, very attractive, which suits their short and even shaved hair, but which glasses are perfect for men with a square face?

Glasses for square faces

glasses for men with square face, square face glasses, 

“The rounded, narrow or oval shapes get a visual balance where the chin stands out above all, and also the frames that are wider than the face are recommended, since they manage to tune it slightly”, says Eliott Llopis from Cottet Óptica. Above all, avoid square frames.

Round face man

leonardo dicaprio, leonardo dicaprio round face, round face, round face man

We turn to the antithesis, the gentlemen with a round face, as in the case of Leonardo DiCaprio. The forehead and jaw are slightly narrower than the part of the cheekbones, which gives a feeling of a circle (which also does not have to be done with a compass). They are more babyish faces to which they feel good a little toupee, bushy eyebrows, beards in degradé, knobs … anything that gives them straight lines.

Glasses for round faces

rectangular glasses for men with round face

And following that same precept, glasses with straight lines are perfect for men with round faces. “They extend the face and allow to have a harmoniously balanced overall image”, in the words of Eliott Llopis. Run away from the round and small glasses because they will make you a walking circle.

Man with a long face

Robert Pattinson, elongated face man, long face, long face man, Robert Pattinson elongated face

Robert Pattinson is one of those guys who has a long face, in the shape of a rectangle, with a lot of distance between his forehead and his chin creating two large straight lines on the sides. Another example could be Jon Kortajarena, singer Adam Levine or Ryan Reynolds. Caution with very high toupees, you have to be very handsome to wear them with dignity and not to extend your face longer. The long hair, the beard of a few days and the glasses, how are the perfect glasses for the long-faced gentlemen?

Glasses for long faces

glasses men face elongated

More is more, so the bigger the glasses, the better. “The wide glasses will help us to minimize the feeling of a long face, covering a lot of surface of the face in order to create the visual effect of a more achatado “, advises the expert.

Man with oval face

ryan gosling, ryan gosling oval face, man face oval, as is the oval face

It is said that the oval face is the most balanced and there is one more thing to add to Ryan Gosling’s list of perfections. To know if you are also balanced, measure the length of your face and the width at the ends, the difference must be more than five centimeters and you have to have a sharp chin and little jaw. It is a form that admits practically all hairstyles , although the fringes can make the face pull to the roundness, so it is better to avoid them. In the matter at hand, the glasses that best fit the oval faces are …

Glasses for oval faces

round glasses for oval faces

You’re in luck, “practically all the forms feel good, so you can afford a lot of variety, but since you can, it gains in expression both rounded and rectangular shapes.” There is only one but, too big glasses are not going to get the good guy you have inside.

Man with a big face

vince vaughn, vince vaughn big face, vince vaughn big head, big head actor, big face actor, big face man, big head man

Not only the form is decisive, size matters. Our friend Vince Vaughn helps us talk about big faces (usually heads of a good caliber). A good way to discover if you have a big head is to put it in relation to your shoulders, the perfect verification will come to proverte caps, caps or hats of one size. If you adjust too much, welcome to the club of the big heads. But all faces have their perfect glasses and for big faces the best ones are …

Glasses for big faces

glasses for faces or big heads

The big glasses are perfect for big faces, in fact, the small glasses give a very ridiculous feeling. Of course, keeping the proportion: “large lenses but narrow rim”, according to Eliott Llopis.


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