How to Buy the Best Air Purifier? Buying Guide

Nowadays, air pollution is increasing day by day and it becomes difficult to breathe in such a polluted environment. In that case, air purifiers become one of the most important appliances that you should have in your home. There are many benefits of having an air purifier in your home like an air purifier helps those people who have pets at home and helps those people who are suffering from asthma or different sorts of allergies.

Air purifiers not only remove bacteria or viruses from the air but also remove pollutants like chemicals, smog, dust particles, and VOCs from the air. Therefore, permit you to breathe and sleep in clean air.

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Here are some important parameters that you should have to look at out while buying an air purifier for home.

1. Type

There are mainly 4 different types of air purifiers and these are

HEPA Filter Air Purifier:- One of the most used air purifiers is HEPA Filter Air Purifier. It is more powerful than other types of air purifiers. This air purifier eliminates 99.9% of impurities from the air.

Activated Carbon Filter Air Purifier:- This air purifier has the capability to absorb the contaminants in the air and provide clean and fresh air at home to breathe.

UV Filter Air Purifier:- This type of air purifier uses ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria and viruses. This purifier cannot purify smaller PPM particles.

Ozone Generator Air Purifier:-  This type of air purifier cleans the air by generating ozone, which is harmful to those who have respiratory problems. So, you should avoid this type of air purifier.

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2. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

The most important parameter to determine the performance of air purifiers is the CADR. As it tells you how fastly an air purifier can clean the air inside the room or house. So, when you go out to buy the air purifier for home, you should have to buy the air purifier with a higher CADR value. The maximum is the CADR value, maximum is the performance.

3. Power Consumption

Most of the air purifiers operate with electricity. So, you should have to buy that air purifier that does not consume a lot of power. Always go with the BEE 5 star rating air purifier. This type of air purifier does not consume much power. Higher is the star rating, the lower is the power consumption.

4. Air Quality Indicator

This parameter tells you about the standard of the air whether the air inside the home or room is clean or not. When you look at the air purifier, you can see the LED indicator in front of the air purifier. This LED indicator tells the quality of the air. Different light shows different indications like green light tells you that air quality is good, orange light tells you that air quality is average, and red light tells you that air quality is poor.

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5. Noise Level

Different air purifiers have different noise levels. The noise level depends on the speed of the fan. Higher is the speed of the fan, the higher is the noise level. So, always buy that air purifier which has the ability to change the speed of the fan automatically or manually.

6. Air Changes Per Hour (ACH)

This factor is as important as that of CADR value. This factor tells you how many times an air purifier can clean the air inside the house or room per hour. If you stay in polluted cities like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc then you should have to buy an air purifier with an air change rate (ACH) of 4. It means that after every 15 minutes, the air purifier cleans air within the room.

7. Brand

Different brands have different prices. Always go with that brand which offers all these factors mentioned above at least price. Some of the popular brands of air purifiers are Phillips, Conway Sleek, Airspa, Dyson, etc. In the Indian market, the Phillips brand is the most reliable brand because it provides the best service to its customers at a low price.


During COVID situations, an air purifier is one of the must-have appliances at home. An air purifier removes impurities from the air like Dust particles, Tobacco smell, mold allergy, wood smoke, Volatile organic compound(VOC), etc. Before buying any air purifier, consider all these points mentioned above. These factors will definitely help you to choose the best air purifier under your budget.


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