These easy steps will help protect your vehicle’s value

Everyone wants to protect the value of their vehicle, but the dashboard is an often overlooked area that can suffer damage over time.

The damage can be particularly severe in hot weather climates that leave a car’s dashboard exposed to the unforgiving rays of the sun. Regular cleaning of the dash is an important part of the maintenance of your vehicle, but there are also ways to block the sun’s damage to a dashboard by regularly using a windshield visor or fitted coverings placed over the surface made by companies like Supply Shack.

Regular cleaning helps maintain dashboard appearance

It may seem like a small thing, but many car owners don’t make regular cleaning of their dashboard part of the routine they follow when washing their car. They will regularly wash the exterior, the wheels, even vacuum the interior. But they don’t always clean the dashboard as part of that routine. Regular cleanings will go a long way to preserve the surface of your dashboard, eliminating dirt and establishing a new level of protectant to help fight off the harmful effects of the sun.

First, a good vacuuming is important to remove the layer of dust and dirt that can settle on the dashboard. It’s also good to remove as much of the particles as possible with a vacuum to avoid scratches or marks on the dash when it is wiped down. This step also helps collect any particles or dust that may be trapped in crevices or hard-to-reach places on the dashboard.

The second step involves cleaning the dashboard with a spray solution, perhaps an interior cleaning spray for vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces, or a special conditioning cleaner for leather surfaces. It’s best to use a microfiber towel when wiping the dashboard down because it will pick up more of the remaining dust and debris, and is easier on the surface.

Protect your dashboard with coverings that block harmful sun

Even with regular cleanings, your dashboard is vulnerable to damage from heat and strong sun rays. Many vehicle owners don’t have the luxury of a garage to park their car in at home or at work, so additional steps are needed to keep the dashboard protected. A cracked and faded dashboard can be an eyesore and make your vehicle that much more difficult to sell in the future if you’re looking to move on to another car.

A common solution is to use a dashboard visor, spreading it across the interior of the windshield before leaving the vehicle out in the sun. These visors also can help reduce the temperature in the vehicle, but some drivers can find them inconvenient and cumbersome.

Dashboard coverings offer an easier solution, serving to protect the surface while offering a custom-fit product that looks more natural in the vehicle. These coverings also are ideal for concealing dashboards in older vehicles that have been damaged with cracks and blemishes.

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