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4 Breeds That Make Great Guard Dogs

America has a love affair with dogs. More than 63 million households in the country have a pet dog, and the numbers are only expected to climb. Reasons abound as to why an individual chooses to have a dog, as some seek companionship, a boost to health and wellness, or a friend for their child. Not all dogs are equal, however, if you’re looking for one to protect your home or family. Here are four breeds that make great guard dogs.

German Shepherds

A highly active breed, German shepherds are commonly used as police and military dogs. Their combination of strength and loyalty make them naturals to “protect and serve.” Fortunately, these dogs also make wonderful pets, forming very strong bonds with their family. Looking into champion breed German shepherd puppies could reward you with a wonderful companion and protector.


Weighing up to 130 pounds, the muscular Akita makes a formidable foe. In ancient Japan, these dogs were bred to guard nobility due to their courageous and naturally suspicious disposition. Akitas thrive on companionship with humans, however, and can be very friendly with their family.


Rottweilers get a bad rap for being aggressive, but when well-trained, they make an excellent family protector and playmate. Gentle with their owners, don’t be surprised if your Rottweiler jumps onto your lap for a cuddle. When danger is present, however, these dogs flip a switch and become fierce guardians and protectors, intimidating intruders with their powerful bark and imposing strength.

Doberman Pinschers

Like other dogs on this list, Doberman pinschers are loyal and affectionate pets when trained properly. They are naturally great protectors and despite their sleek and elegant body, the dogs are incredibly powerful. The Doberman’s strength, in addition to its bravery, attentiveness and vigilance, make it an excellent guard dog.

Guard dogs are a great way to defend your home and family. These four breeds make excellent pawed protectors.

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