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4 Simple Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic


One of the most important concerns of bloggers is that no matter how hard they try, they cannot increase the number views of posts they visit (or the total number of hits from the last 90 days). In the early days of launching the blog, you have to go through difficult situations, be persistent and work no matter how productive you are. If you’re facing this problem, we’ll teach you a few simple strategies to increase blog traffic and Increase Blog Traffic on daily basis to over 1,000 readers. Even if you are satisfied with the number of views, but you’d like to continue to grow more and more, you can use this technique.

You just have to do these 4 steps and do that for two hours and a half every day. Of course, if you have enough time, you can take more time for each step to Increase Blog Traffic.

4 Simple Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic

1. Read the content (one hour per day)

Search for an hour of the day in search engine and then make a great article to read. Your goal is to publish a similar article every week. If you think you can not afford to do this, you can get an exceptional article every 15 days. That way, every hour you assign to writing each day is all spent on a single post. You have to wait five to 10 hours to complete such articles.

Do you know what features should these articles have? A long article is categorized that can transmit a lot of information to the audience and is valuable to such a reader. For example, if your blog is about web designing, you can write an article related to your topic. Other things to keep in mind when writing these articles:

  • Make a high-profile list for the issue you are looking for.
  • Explain a detailed teaching item in detail, or add a good way to do something in the article.
  • Find out about a specific field of work for yourself and introduce a solution for that.
  • Take a deep analysis of one of the topics of the day.

2. Social Networking (half an hour per day)

Social networks and activities are very important, specially if you are new in this field. The 30 minutes you assign each day can be divided into:

  • Write comments on other blogs (similar to your own blog).
  • Add similar article links to your blog.
  • Communicate with other blogging blogs about yourself via Twitter and email.

Do not forget, your goal is to create new relationships. Just do not communicate with them because you think one of the bloggers can help you succeed in your blog. Your relationship should be based on respect for your work and with the goal of further developing cooperation in the future.

3. Introduction (half an hour per day)

Now that you have arranged a reading article, you should be able to introduce it to the rest. Each time you publish one of these articles, you must make it public in any way. for example:

  • Inform your neighbors of the existence of such an article. (Do not ask them to share your post with others)
  • Make bloggers and prominent users relevant to your work field read this article.
  • Ask your friends to share these articles on social networks.
  • Ask your friends to introduce your article on Twitter.
  • Write in the online forums about the article.

If you find time again, you can spend on improving the search engine, advertising on social networks and activities that can make your blog famous. For example, advertise on your blog on Facebook or write a guest on other blog posts.

4. Normal posts (half an hour per day)

As we do not just survive when eating bread, a blog will not only be active with special posts. Ordinary posts contain content that you publish regularly. (Between special articles), for example, on Sundays, publish your articles and write posts every day from Monday to Sunday. Ordinary posts may include:

  • You can put a link in another article in another blog and then post your own personal opinion about that post.
  • Include and publish one hot post in a post.
  • Ask the audience to ask the rest of the readers.

If you’ve learned a special trick, put the source or link on your blog so that other users can use it.

Readable and special posts are the stuff that can bring new audiences to you, as well as regular posts that can make your previous readers affiliated with your blog.

Happy Increase Blog Traffic!

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