7 Things that the Psychotherapist Advises to do Every Evening

7 things that the psychotherapist advises to do every evening

Jonathan Alpert is a famous US psychotherapist. During his long career he has been consulted by thousands of people. He has noticed that those who have set themselves high goals often seek to harm themselves. Here are 7 tips from Alpert about what you should do every evening to be more successful. Do not think this is not important. The way you spend the evening can determine what your morning is. Success requires productivity, but you will not achieve anything if you start fighting yourself at the beginning of every business day trying to get involved. So, here’s what Alpert advises to do every night.

7 Things to do Every Evening

1. Stop working

It is likely that you want to work as much as possible to achieve your goals. However, you should still set working hours even if you work independently. Those who work late in the evening or even overnight can achieve short-term goals faster, but sooner or later they will overcome and go out of hand. Identify the time it takes to work and understand that only a limited amount of work can be done per day. Set a time after which you will not check emails, make decisions, do not use meetings – you will not work.

2. Plan your tourists

Do you know what is the most reliable way to fight stress ? Establishment of the agenda. It helps to put all the thoughts in order and better imagine the time of the next day. If you think you will not succumb to everything, simply create an agenda – everything will become clear and you’ll sleep better.

3. Forget about failures

Each success story is based on errors and poor decisions. Permanent thinking about what you did wrong will only take away your opportunity to rest. Have you made an error? Take it, learn from it, and go ahead.

4. Find time for family and friends

Do you think that the most successful people in the world do not enjoy time with family and friends? Still, how enjoyable. It helps to keep your thoughts away from work and rest shortly. The evening is a great time to meet your friends or spend a couple of comfortable hours with your family – so your mind will be healthier.

5. Forget your intelligence

Smart devices sparkle blue light, which blurs sleep rhythms. But they do much more – they stimulate, discourage you from often useless information and lead back to work. They can contribute to your anxiety and stress. Therefore, the psychotherapist advises to forget all devices with a screen at least one hour before bedtime.

6. Think positively

In the evenings often unpleasant thoughts surround you. You have not done everything that you have set, tomorrow you are waiting with anxiety, and worries more than yesterday. However, the psychotherapist advises to remember the three best moments of the past day. What did you achieve? Who is laughing? Have you met with your friends?

7. Sleep is a top priority

Do not forget to sleep well. It revives your thoughts and body, helps keep you healthy and start a productive day. Always find time for sleep, it should be a top priority of the evening – if you have a small work piece left, but you want to go to sleep, go to bed.


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