Fees and Charges

If you are a free member, you are going to be charged 10% of the full project price. Remember, only accept a project if you are sure you are able to complete it and get paid for it. If you do not get paid, and the project owner did not place a milestone or escrow payment, you will have no chance to get this fee refunded.

If you choose to become a paid member, fees will be reduced, and you can bid more. It is advisable that you look at your projects after working for Freelancer for a couple of weeks, and decide if the paid membership would be beneficial for you. It costs $4.95 – $49.95 per month, so you should save more than that each month to make the membership fee pay off.

However, there are more advantages of becoming a paid member, like featured bids. You will also be more likely to win bids as a paid member. You can start 30 days free trial Basic membership when you verify with paypal.

You will not be charged for bidding on projects, only if you accept the work. There are no other charges or fees involved, other than the Paypal transaction fees detailed in the next chapter.