FreeLance Writing

I’ll start with writing, because this is where there are the most opportunities for freelancers. You don’t have to be an award-winning writer to build up a successful business as a writer online. I’m not saying your writing should be poor what I am saying is that easy, casual writing is ideal for the Internet and that style of writing is easy to produce. If you can write informative and persuasive articles, you can easily become a web freelance writer.

You also have to consider that there isn’t just one choice when it comes to your writing business. You can write articles, ebooks, blog posts, sales letters, emails, and so much more. You’re sure to find a specialty that suits you.


Ghostwriting is a time-honored profession. A great many books and articles are ghostwritten. Essentially, a ghostwriter is paid to write something and stay out of the spotlight, allowing the client to put his or her name on the work. You can ghostwrite articles, ebooks, print books almost anything you can think of. This is great for the writer who wants to take on premium clients and earn a great income without needing to be in the spotlight.


Writing sales letters is a great opportunity for freelancers because it’s considered to be a specialized skill. There are many very successful business people out there who don’t know the first thing about writing a sales letter. If you can learn the craft and art of writing copy, you can very easily earn a full time income as a freelance writer.

Stock up on copywriting books from Amazon and dive right in. If you produce results for your clients, word of mouth will spread like crazy and your business will really take off. This is one specialty you really can’t go wrong with.

Writing Articles

When you’re first starting out as a web writer, you may want to stick to writing articles. It’s a nice way to get your feet wet. Web articles are typically ~500 words and are written to inform or persuade people. There are many freelancers offering article writing as a service so you will face more competition since it’s not a differentiated skill. At the same time, there’s plenty of work out there for article writers. You can get started at sites like,, and

Specialty Writing (Like Kindle)

If you really want to make great money, then you need to specialize. You have to investigate and dig and figure out what businesses and people need that isn’t readily available. For instance, you can become the writer who’s known to deliver awesome, ready-to-publish books and packages for Kindle marketers. You can put awesome ready-to-go info products together, complete with sales copy and everything else people need to get started selling their own product. Become known for something as a writer, and produce something that’s high in demand, and you’ll do just fine as a freelance writer on the web.


You can specialize as a blogger-for-hire. Many people are too busy to run their own blogs, yet they know they that every online and offline business should have a blog presence. That’s why there are a ton of people ready to hire you to take over their blog. Blogging can be a lot of fun, and it’s just one more specialty you can offer to clients.

Making Your Own Writing Opportunities

I want to say again that there are always ways to create your own opportunities as a writer. Content is what makes the web spin. There will always be a need for great content providers. Set yourself apart from the competition and find an in-demand service you can specialize in.

What are other freelancers offering right now? What can you do differently or better? Do some brainstorming and try different things out. You’ll find exactly what will work for you if you stick with it and set your sights on success.