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How should Retailers Prepare for this Black Friday?

The world’s biggest shopping holiday, Black Friday, will take place on November 27th this year. However, at this time, things are a little different. Many merchants, particularly in the US, are anxious about how the Coronavirus will affect the sales on the biggest buying day. Walmart, one of the leading retail hypermarkets, has already announced that its stores will remain close on Thanksgiving. With this, the best-known traditions of the store will finally come to an end.

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As a result, some commentators have presumed that Black Friday is canceled. Considering the social distancing norms and hygiene measures are enforced in almost every country, one can say that we aren’t going to see bustling stores, long queues, and frantic crowds this time around. So, what should merchants do in this situation? If the outlook is really as frightening as some are suggesting? Or the sudden surge in online buying has created new opportunities?

Here we will tell you how to make the most of the first Black Friday amid the battle against the COVID-19.

What Should Merchants expect from this Black Friday?

Until now, the one thing that is for sure is Black Friday 2020 will not be the same as its predecessors. Many experts are of the view that vendors are highly likely to see the following changes:

  • A low number of people will visit brick and mortar stores.
  • More people will shop online.
  • You’ll see more competitive online ads from retails.
  • More customers would want to see up-to-date stock info.
  • Greater demand for laptops and office equipment (work at home products) is expected.

That said, the demand is still likely to be on the higher side. Though Black Friday 2020 might not see the same revenues as its predecessor, some steps can help retailers cash in on the available opportunities.

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Run Promotional Campaigns Before and After the Event

The term ‘Black Weekend’ has been increasingly used by retailers. Many online and physical stores begin to run their marketing campaigns weeks ahead of Black Friday. This suggests that you should avoid running campaigns for just 24 hours. Rather, encourage shoppers to compare deals with others before and after the event. And this includes Cyber Monday.

This particular point also makes sense for physical stores to extend the buying period and see more foot-traffic without sacrificing safety.

Cardboard Packaging can Keep your Customers safe from Contagion

It is believed that ‘respiratory droplets’ help spread the virus when a person comes into contact with the secretion of an individual who has Coronavirus. People often get exposed to the disease when they touch a surface or object with the COVID-19 virus and then touch their nose, mouth, and eyes. One aspect that wasn’t clear a few months ago is how long the virus can survive on different surfaces.

However, several studies have now divulged that it can survive on glass, plastic, and metal for as long as nine days if they aren’t properly disinfected. In some instances, it can hang around for about 28 days, especially in places with low temperatures.

In contrast, the virus can survive up to one day or 24 hours on cardboard, according to the NIH study. This means packages carved out of cardboard material can immensely reduce the chances of spreading the disease compared to plastic, glass, and steel packaging. For instance, Kraft paper’s custom eyelash boxes are less likely to carry the virus for a longer period. And since a vast majority of customers are now also aware of this fact, they are also expected to favor products encased in Kraft or cardboard packaging.

Opting for Kraft custom eyelash boxes can help cosmetic brands improve their sales. Plus, you don’t have to source them from China. Several packaging companies in the US, including The Legacy Printing, provide custom eyelash packaging to different manufacturers and brands in the country.

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