If You are Running out of Battery Fast on Your Smartphone, Here are the Solutions

battery depletion problems

Many smartphone users suffer from battery depletion problems. When you buy a new smartphone, it looks great for a while, and then comes with a battery that does not fit in your daily use. Today, smart phone manufacturers are focusing on the battery of their new phones, competing with each other by reviewing battery capacity, how long the battery can stay and how long it takes to charge.

And if you’re still someone who has an old phone, whether it’s iPhone or Android to some extent, and is suffering from a rapid and large depletion of your battery, we will help you to solve battery depletion problems, here’s how to fix battery depletion problems:

Test the battery yourself

For iPhone users, they can go to Settings and select the battery, scroll down, you’ll find two numbers, one for the standby time, and one for the duration of the usage mode.

Your usage period should be less than the standby time. If this is not the case, there may be a problem. You can confirm this by recording the waiting and usage times and then pressing the lock button on your phone, leave it locked for five minutes and then check the numbers. If the waiting time is five minutes longer, But if the usage time is more than a minute, this indicates that your phone is not resting properly.

Users of the Android operating system can get the same information from the settings and then choose the device and then the battery, or settings and then choose the battery if they have the latest version of Android, the information in this list as it is on the iPhone, but under the option Device Idle which is the same Standby mode.

Drain battery emails

For iPhone phones, you can adjust the notification settings for messages by going to Settings and selecting Accounts, then select Passwords and click Retrieve new data, and change to manually, then the email will not send you notifications until you enter it.

For Android users, they can manage the notification settings for any of the applications that are used by going to Settings, select Applications, choose the desired application, and edit their own settings.

Limit download and update of applications in the background

To check battery killing applications in the background, go to Settings, select the battery, and a list of battery-intensive applications will appear. You can turn off the content downloads for these applications automatically in the background by going to General, and from here you can turn them off.

You can turn off automatic updating of apps on your iPhone by going to Settings, heading to iTunes and WAP Store, and then you can disable application updates automatically.

Low power mode can add more working hours

For iPhone users, you can turn it on when the battery is down to 20% or earlier, by going to Settings, then Battery, and turning on Low Power Mode.

The Android operating system automatically turns on battery saving if you leave the settings the same, but you can also turn them on manually by going to Settings, selecting the battery, clicking the menu icon and selecting “Save battery power.”

With these simple steps you can keep your smartphone battery charging longer, to do a lot of everyday tasks.


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