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Important Organizations and Pacts (Job Test Preparation)

Name    Founded    Member Headquarter

  1. ADB- 1986- | Philippines
  2. Arab League- 1945- 22- Cairo
  3. ASEAN- | Aug 8, 1967- 9- | Jakarta, founded at Bangkok.
  4. COMECON- 1948- Havana.
  5. Colombo Plan- 1st July 1951- Colombo (Srilanka)
  6. Common Wealth- 1931- 53- London.
  7. Council of Europe- 1949- 34- Strasbourg.
  8. CIS- Jan 1991- 12-
  9. D8- 15 June 1997- Founded at Turkey, HQ Turkey.
  10. ECO- Jan 1985- 8- Tehran.
  11. GCC- 1981- 6- Riyadh
  12. ICJ- 1951- Geneva.
  13. ICRC- 1883- Geneva.
  14. Interpol 1956 Lyon (France)
  15. NAM 1961
  16. OIC 22 to 25 Sep 1969- 56- Jeddah established in Rabat (Morocco).
  17. SAARC 8, 1985- 7- 8 Katmandu- established at Dhaka.
  18. NATO- 1949 Brussels.
  19. SEATO Sep 8, 1954 founder at Manila, ended in 1977.
  20. UNO 24 Oct 1945 New York.
  21. Warsaw Pact 14th May 1955. Dissolved in 1991.
  22. Term of non-permanent members of the Security Council is 2 years.
  23. General Assembly and Security Council appoints the judges of International Court of Justice.
  24. RCD was changed to ECO in Jan 1985.
  25. G-8 was established on 22 September 1985. G-8 was originally the G-5 but was expanded when Canada, Italy and Russia jointed in June 1997.
  26. European Union came in to being on January 1, 2000, EU adopted Euro currency in 2001. Its head quarter is in Brussels (Belgium).
  27. International Energy Agency was founded in 1974; its head quarter is in Paris (France).
  28. International Olympic Committee was formed in 1984; its head quarter is in Lausanne (Switzerland).
  29. The head quarter of international Red Cross and Red Crescent is in Geneva (Switzerland).
  30. Organization of Petroleum and Exporting Countries was founded in Baghdad in 1960; its head quarter is in Vienna (Austria).
  31. The organization of Economic Cooperation and Development was founded in 1961; its head quarter is in Paris (France).
  32. The world council of churches was established in 1948 in Amsterdam (Netherlands), its headquarter is in Geneva (Switzerland).
  33. North American Free Trade Agreement, its origin lies in the free trade agreement signed by the USA and Canada in 1989.
  34. The organization of African Unity was founded in 1963; its head quarter is in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).
  35. The organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries was founded in 1968, its headquarter is in Cairo (Egypt).
  36. Organization of American State was founded in 1948; its heat quarter is in Washington DC (USA).
  37. There are 76 countries in WTO.
  38. China became the member of the World Trade Organization on 11 December 2001
  39. OPANAL stands for Agency for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America.
  40. OPANAL was formed on 2nd December, 1969, its headquarter is in Mexico City.
  41. OECS stands of Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, established on 18th June, 1981.
  42. The head quarter of OECS is in Casries (St. Lucia).
  43. UN has 6 principle organs.
  44. Security Council has 5 permanent members.
  45. The Economic and Social Council acts as coordinating body for the numerous specialized agencies created by the UN. The council has 54 members elected for the term of 3 years.
  46. The international court of justice comprises 15 judges.
  47. The IBRD was established in 27th Dec 1945.
  48. Steel Pact was signed between Italy and Germany on 22nd May 1939 at Berlin.
  49. Camp David Accord made between Egypt and Israel on 17 Sep 1978.
  50. Locarno pact signed on 16th October, 1925, signed at Locarno.
  51. Four Power Pact was signed on 16th July, 1933 at Paris.
  52. CENTO was signed on 24th Feb, 1955 in Baghdad.
  53. Balkan Pact was signed on 9th Feb, 1934.
  54. Eisenhower Doctrine was announced in 1957.
  55. Entente Cordiale was formed in April 1904, the agreement was signed between England and France.
  56. Dawes Plan was introduced in 1924.
  57. CTBT opened for signature from Sep 24, 1996.
  58. KELLOGG-Briand pact was signed by 15 states on 27th August, 1928, it was signed in Paris.
  59. Rio Summit was held in Rio-de-Janero on 14th 1992.
  60. According to the young plan (1929) announced after the first world war Germany was required to pay 100 million dollars in installments.
  61. UN’s resolution 1441about Iraq was passed in Nov 2002.
  62. Amnesty International is an international organization which works for the release of the political prisoners. It was established by peter Bomenson in the year of 1961.
  63. In 1941 the Atlantic Charter was signed by Churchill and Roosevelt.
  64. Truman Doctrine——-announced on 12 March 1947 about the security of Greece and Turkey.
  65. USSR and its allies signed Warsaw pact in the year 1955.
  66. The famous Dumbarton Oaks conference, which formulated proposals about UN charter, was held in Dec 1944.
  67. On 14th August 1941, US president F.D Roosevelt and British Premier W. Churchill signed the Atlantic Charter on a battle ship.
  68. Veraillies Treaty was signed in 1919.
  69. Bostan Tea party tool place in 1773.
  70. The civil right act which was passed in USA in 1964 was the result of the March of 250000 people organized by Martin Luther king in 1963.
  71. The famous XYZ affair tool place when an American delegation visited England.
  72. Potsdam conference was held in 1945.
  73. Mamoon Abdul Gavvum (PM of Maldives) said SAARC is a brain child.
  74. Napolean I, first person to call English a nation of shopkeepers.
  75. Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration; these words are said by Thomas A. Edison.
  76. Hippocrates said that extreme remedies are most appropriate for extreme disease.
  77. Archimedes said that give me but one firm spot on which to stand, and I will move the earth.
  78. Leonardo da vinci observed that every man – at three years old- is half his height.
  79. Darse Ninamia was introduced in Indo-Pak by Mulla Mizam Ud Din.
  80. Interpol was founded in 1923 in what city- Vienna
  81. The Asian development bank established in 1966 with headquarter located at MANILA (philipines).
  82. Eqypt , Iraq , jorden , Lebanon , Saudi Arab , Syria and Yemen are the founder nations of the arab league.
  83. Asian development bank was established in 1966 with headquarter located at manila(philipine)
  84. The International court of Justice is located in Hague,Holland
  85. WHO is not the principal organ of the United Nations.
  86. Declaration of Human Rights was adopted on Dec: 10, 1948.
  87. Green Peace has no formal structure and Secretariat.
  88. Who were the three statesmen who formulated Non-Aligned Movement (NAM): Nehru, Nasser, Tito
  89. international headquarter of Transparency International (TI}
    is located in Berlin, Germany. The founder of the organisation is Peter Eigen
  90. The permanent Secretariat of SAARC is established at: Khatmandu
  91. How many official working languages are recognized by UNO:6
  92. Who was the first Asian Secretary General of the United Nations? U. Thant
  93. Baden Powel was the founder of Boy Scout and Civil Guides Movement.
  94. CIS are 11 independent states of the former Soviet Union known as Commonwealth of Independent States.