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Learn How to Use the Backlinks for Websites


When it comes to SEO , there are several factors that make up your rank. Backlink is one of the most important. Backlinks is an important factor in the ranking of the site. We talk about SEO. Yes, that’s right, site optimization for introducing to search engines. Well, how does it result? What’s up Does your business really need it?

The Internet has since become the largest digital information sharing community ever since entering the world. Information can be sent to anyone in the world, including the family and even anonymous people. Time magazine estimates that “now more than 3 billion people use the Internet” (May 2015), and that figure is increasing every day. Under these circumstances, the Internet is increasingly important for businesses that want to get more customers.

Look for search engines as a hotel concierge. If you are not familiar with the region, you will come to the concierge for information. The concierge will give you reliable information that will help you. The same is true for the search engine. An Internet search engine is looking for information that is most relevant to your question or request. With billions of websites registered on the Internet, you need to use optimization strategies to make your website amongst others.

Optimization for introducing the search engine is a term in the Internet marketing profession, which has strategies to raise the website’s rank in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When it comes to digital marketing or the attraction of online business enthusiasts, there are various factors for search engines that determine what your website should rank amongst others in a particular keyword. These strategies include keyword optimization, image optimization, linking, schema, and so on.

Among the strategies mentioned above, the effect of linking in the ranking of search engines is increasing day by day because it has more influence and makes the site more credible and well-known.

What is linking?

Linking is a SEO strategy for creating an external hyperlink to navigate to the site. In SEO, hyperlinking is a post or photo that directs the user from page to page. The more links to a website, the more relevant the site is to search engines.

What is a link?

Now that we know the advantage of linking, we need to start with the foundation: What is a link? On websites across the Internet, there are certain posts or images that can be directed to another website; this is referred to as “hyperlink” or “hyperlinks”. A link is an easy way to help move a user on a website or across multiple websites. We have two types of links: internal link and external link.

Internal link

Internal links are links that link you to your website and only link to other pages on your website. Internal links are important in that they help create an information order for your website, as well as increase the link juice (links from other websites to your site) or the rating capability of the entire site, thus increasing the eligibility of your domain for search engines. they give.

External link

External links are links that are redirected from another website to your site. The importance of external links is because the creation of external links to other websites to guide your website increases the value of your site. However, not all external links are the same. But also have two types: dofollow and nofollow

DoFollow and NoFollow: What’s the Difference?

When placing external links on other pages, it is necessary to pay attention to this property of the link. Search engines, including Google, check this out. Defining links to search engines helps you measure page rank and determine which website to rank higher. The link definition is divided into two categories: dofollow and nofollow.

Follow links

Follow-up links are worthwhile and can affect the overall ranking of the site. In linking, having more links to follow is an important strategy, because search engines such as Google pay particular attention to this factor and consider the number of inbound links that lead to the website. The higher the links, the higher the rank of the site.

No Follow Links

According to the definition of No Follows, there are links that do not play a role in increasing page rank or in determining the position of search engines (SERPs), but they still need to be used because they are able to direct users to your website.

There are certain attributes in the link that accompany it. Each link has one of the attributes “dofollow” or “nofollow”. Dofollows are SEO links that are registered to be found by search engines, while nofollows are the opposite. For a SEO strategy, dofollows are more desirable because they affect search engines.

So, Backlinks is an important factor in the ranking of the site. For a SEO strategy, DOFOLLOWs are more desirable.

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