Link Assistant SEO SpyGlass Full Version

Link Assistant SEO SpyGlass Full Version

With SEO SpyGlass, one of the big SEO tasks-backlink analysis-can be easily handled. The platform has been expanded with breakthrough features over the years to provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate connection profiles of both your site and the sites of your competitors.

Dig into the outstanding features of SEO SpyGlass: find out how the app helps you create the most intelligent online connection building strategies to conquer.

So, here’s what SEO SpyGlass does for you:

  • Unearths all backlinks pointing to any website
  • Spies out your competitors’ link building secrets
  • Creates clear and eye-candy backlink reports
  • Spots traffic-generating backlinks
  • Guards you with advanced safety features
  • Runs on several platforms and speaks multiple languages
  • Ensures unparalleled flexibility and customizability

Discovers backlinks the site has

Check the exact backlinks your site has — or spy on the backlinks your competitor has with SEO SpyGlass. This smart tool will calculate the total number of backlinks that the site has and will show the exact URL of each and every backlink in a matter of minutes. Since the search engines of today place a tremendous value on the ties, this is the number one factor to rank well.

Shows the BEST keywords to optimize the site for

It is a fast and simple process to find the best keywords, now that you have SEO SpyGlass to support. The software will identify the keywords — and key phrases that will help increase the traffic significantly. Thanks to our app, you can discover the exact anchor texts that are used by #1 site owners.

In addition, SEO SpyGlass can sort keywords so you can see the total number of keywords appearing inside their backlinks’ anchor and title text (i.e., keyword density of anchor and title).

Allows you to see the Alexa Traffic Rank of every backlink

The Alexa Traffic Rank gives you an estimation of the traffic from the places that send tourists to your competition. Now you can discover the biggest traffic sources for your rival and turn them on yourself!

Show which anchor text and page titles work for your competitor

SEO SpyGlass will tell you the exact anchor texts and URLs used by your competitors (the anchor text is the clickable part of the link). The incorporation of your primary keywords into your anchors is important for this keyword to rank well. Now, with just a few clicks, you can find out which anchors work for your competition and which keywords they use.

Show you if your competition is classified in the best directories on the Internet
SEO SpyGlass will inform you whether your rival has DMOZ or Yahoo! Directory backlinks or not. Such directories are so authoritative, you’ll be given rankings to raise them from only one single link.

Finds all backlinks that bring traffic

With SEO SpyGlass, you can find all backlinks pointing to your website according to Google Analytics, i.e. the exact links that bring real visitors to your website.

Lets you update backlink data over time

When you have all the analytical data at your fingertips, you can use SEO SpyGlass to create a report that will be beautifully structured and commented on with all those details.

SEO Performance Blueprint Report is either a step-by-step site optimization guide — or a ready-made technical advice document. This article is written in plain English and is comprehensible. It’s written for total beginners, but it shows things that experienced optimizers of search engines make their living off.

Makes it possible to customize reports

These stunning reports are highly customizable, though completely automated!

In your report, you can customize pretty much everything: mark it with your company logo and colors, select which parts to submit and include search engine details, edit introductory text, etc. If you don’t need advanced customization, SEO SpyGlass comes with a range of pre-defined color schemes so you can easily highlight your post.

100% search engine safe and friendly

SpyGlass SEO includes a feature of Human Emulation. With it, search engines should appear as a living breathing human being who analyzes backlinks in a browser.

Plus, SEO SpyGlass supports both Google and Yahoo! API keys to help you securely query search engines and ensure that you never break their usage policy.

Provides a quick search facility

A fast filter is a great way to locate, say, a page title that includes a particular word among dozens of others, without the need for this purpose to create a complex workspace.

Groups your links to conveniently analyze large data volumes

Using the advanced grouping options of SEO SpyGlass, you can neatly arrange all backlinks in your project by backlink domain and other primary backlink factors into a tree-like catalog.

This feature saves you a lot of time when reviewing large quantities of data, allowing you to see in a glance where all the backlinks come from and scan through hundreds of entries inside your project quickly.

Runs tasks on autopilot if you choose

You can set SEO SpyGlass only once, and some tasks will run regularly or on a specified date. So you can only come to look at the data when it’s convenient.

Supports working through a proxy

If your machine is behind a proxy, the SEO SpyGlass works with no problem. This great program completely supports research from behind a proxy, so you can review the sites without any problems. In the Settings, simply configure your proxy.


This SEO tool optimizes not only sites in any language and for search engines of any world. It speaks several languages!



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