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Tips to Get Rid of Neck and Back Pain


A large number of women suffer from low back pain and cramps in the neck area as a result of exposure to stress, tiredness and extreme fatigue while sitting for long periods in front of the computer or in front of the TV. No movement reduces circulatory activity, prevents blood flow to these areas, and may cause painful muscles to the back and neck. Sleeping in the wrong way causes the feeling of acute pain in the back area due to pressure on the spine. Therefore, we have brought you several tips for the treatment of low back pain and you can follow them to get rid of these annoying pain caused by muscle strain and cramps for the back and neck.

Tips to Get Rid of Neck and Back Pain

1. Do not wear Ballerina shoes

High heel shoes cause lower back pain. But wearing flat shoes such as ballerina is a cause of back pain and spine as well because the foot will wrap around each other at every step you go in. This causes the abnormal forces to move until you reach your knees and lower back. Wear a medium-heeled shoe in the sense that it has a simple heel. Because the shoe with that light insole may comb the foot straight and thus do not suffer the vertebrae of the spine and back pain.

2. A lot of movement and sports

You should know that increasing movement may help to relieve the pain of the neck and lower back, and may prevent cramping of the back muscles causing pain, sitting for long periods of time. Sleeping on bed is also one of the most important causes of acute pain in the neck and back. A great deal of movement helps build and strengthen the bones and muscles and treats all those suffering from annoying pain to the neck and back. In addition, light exercise may contribute to the treatment of neck and lower back pain such as cycling, swimming and exercise, which give the body strength and flexibility and relieve pain.

3. Make warm compresses

One of the most effective and powerful remedies for getting rid of back and neck pain is their feeling of warmth because it helps relax the muscles and joints and eliminates cramps and cramps that affect the joints of the neck and lower back muscles. You can use hot pads as a back and neck back pain treatment. You can put hot bags on the affected area of ​​the back and joints of the neck are effective methods in the treatment of pain, because these hot bags may contain iron powder, which heats to 40 degrees Celsius and keep it warm for about eight hours.

4. Try new sleeping situations

Your sleeping posture may be wrong and cause muscle spasms in the neck area that may also cause pain and contractions of the joints and spine. Try a new bed on the bed. You can confirm the position of the pillow under your head. Be sure that the pillow is supported only for your head, which means that the shoulder and neck away from the pillow so that the lateral joints are not extended on the other side.

The opposite may cause a tightening of the joints and neck muscles. Try to be lying on your side to stop pushing the entire pressure on your back and keep a cushion between your knees to keep your pelvic level. Use a soft cotton bed that helps prevent neck and back cramps because soft bedding makes the mattress around your body, preventing your spine from getting its needs.

5. Avoid stress

Exposure to nervous pressure, respiratory tensions and high emotions are the most important factors affecting the body with severe pain in the lower back muscles and the occurrence of spasms of the joints of the neck and tight muscles and tendons in a painful way. Try as much as possible to avoid any psychological or nervous pressure, or any feeling of tension and anxiety. If this happens and you are in a state of tension and emotion, take a deep breath several times with the practice of yoga exercises and relaxation exercises to reduce the occurrence of muscle spasms of the neck and to increase the activity of brain cells.

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