Withdrawing money

There are four withdrawal methods you can use on freelancer.com. The most popular one is Paypal payments. You will be charged a $1 processing fee, and the timescales are quite long. It takes about 15 days for Freelancer to process your first request, so ensure you are requesting it in time. The next withdrawals will be processed the next Monday or Tuesday. The minimum amount you can withdraw to your Paypal account is $30, and the maximum is $10.000. You can register paypal in paypal.com. It’s free!

If you apply for a Freelancer debit card, your payments can be put straight on the card balance, and you can also check your statements online. You can use the card to pay anywhere in the world you see the Mastercard logo. You can also withdraw money from the account at any ATM machine, worldwide.

There is a monthly fee of $4 and you will still have to pay an activation fee as well as loading fees. Depending on how soon you want your payment to be on your account, you have to pay between $2 and $5 each time. You are also charged for cash withdrawals. The Daily withdrawal limit for the card is $2500.

The third option to receive your money is through Moneybookers. You have to have a registered email account with them, and there is no fee taken for transactions. The minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts are the same as with Paypal. You do have to check out how much Moneybookers is charging you for withdrawals, though, as it changes depending on the country you live in.

You also can have a wire transfer directly into your account, and the conditions are depending on which country you live in.