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5 Perks of Charter Bus Services

You’ve planned your group trip. Everyone is excited about the destination, the accommodations, and the entertainment. One loose end still needs to be sorted out. How will you be traveling? Have you considered renting a charter bus? There are a lot of benefits to chartering a bus for group travel.

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charter bus service Washington DC or in other tourist areas is a low-stress way to travel. Not only can you avoid assigning drivers and squeezing into standard vehicles, but you can also have a professional chauffeur. Your driving with deal with all the traffic and directions while you relax and socialize in the back.


Chartering a bus is probably more efficient than you think. A bus does get fewer miles to the gallon than a car. However, it is more worthwhile when you consider how many cars one bus keeps off the road.

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Don’t let the upfront cost scare you away from bus charters. Be sure to factor in how many people will be splitting the cost. An average bus has approximately 56 seats. If each seat is occupied, the cost per person is reasonable.


Charter buses are known for their safety. Your driver will be trained, licensed, and experienced. That decreases the number of accidents. The size of buses also increases safety. You are less likely to be injured in the event there is an accident.

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You will be traveling in style. Charter buses are an extremely comfortable way to take a trip. You can relax in cozy, reclining seats while watching tv or surfing the internet with onboard wifi. There will even be a clean bathroom.

Chartering a bus for your next big group trip can reduce stress and save money while keeping passengers safe and comfortable. Be sure to consider it while travel planning.

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