7 Best Travel Photography Tips and Tricks

If you travel very often you will probably carry little luggage, so it is very likely that you take the snapshots of your trip with the phone and not with a professional camera.

If you travel very often you will probably carry little luggage, so it is very likely that you take the snapshots of your trip with the phone and not with a professional camera. But that does not mean that your photos are going to be bad! Although using a phone’s camera is quite simple (after all, you just have to center the image and touch the screen to shoot), there are many ways to make your photos look much more spectacular. Do you want to know our travel photography secrets? Then, keep reading.

7 Best Travel Photography Tips and Tricks

1. Find the right light


If you know which is your most photogenic profile, surely you know the importance of light when taking a photo. In fact, it is one of the most important factors (if not the most) to get the perfect snapshot. Instagram professionals know how to find the right light to take those photographs worthy of a postcard, and you can do it too. The best light is always given during the first hours of the morning and the last hours of the afternoon. Indoors, make the light focus on what you want to photograph, also if you only use the light from the window. We promise that if you follow this advice, you will get the perfect lighting and you will not have to edit the photo later.

2. Do not lose focus


Your smartphone has the right tools for you to approach perfectly: take advantage of them. If you want to focus on a particular item (the burger you’re going to eat within a second, for example), all you have to do is touch the area in question on the screen. If the main focus of your photo is a person, you can trust the facial recognition tool of your mobile. It will do wonders!

3. Follow the rule of thirds

Rule of thirds

This trick is old but infallible. It consists of dividing the image into nine equal blocks that form a grid with three rows and three columns. Your goal should be to capture the most interesting parts of your image at the intersection where the imaginary lines meet. Whether you want to take a picture of your family or friends or try to capture the essence of a mountain, we are sure that with this trick you will love the result. In addition, it is very likely that your phone offers the possibility of activating the grid on the screen so that following this rule is even easier.

4. Use the burst mode

Photo burst

If you do not trust your skills as a photographer, the burst mode can be your best ally. Why? Well, because if you take 18 pictures in a row, I’m sure one will work out well. Once you have done the burst, look for the perfect picture among all the ones you have taken. This function is especially good for taking pictures of people. At the end of the day, it is not possible for your friend to close his eyes in all the photos.

5. Install a new camera app


Photo app

If you want to take your photos to the next level, think about installing a third-party camera application. These photography applications have characteristics similar to those found in SLR cameras when we use them in manual mode. Although the camera of your phone is sure that it is perfect for simple photos, a specialized application is an alternative that is very worthwhile.

6. Avoid darkness and turn off the flash

No flash

Think twice before taking a photo in a semi-dark environment. The smartphones are not the best option to take pictures in low light, because their hardware is limited and does not have a low shutter speed as digital SLRs. Regarding the use of the flash, we recommend that you try to avoid it as much as possible. Why? Well, because you can not control the strength of your phone’s LED light and, as a result, the photos taken with the flash activated tend to look a little strident and have a lack of balance between the exposure of the background and the flash.

7. Explore the modes of your camera

Photo modes

Play as much as you can with the functions and modes of your phone’s camera. The more you explore all the capabilities of your camera, the better you know how to use it. All smartphones cameras have a wide range of possibilities: from adding filters and modifying the colors to make the background appear blurred.


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