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12 Tips to Get Genuine Facebook Followers and Interactions

You have a Facebook Page so it is definitely there for a reason: involvement. There is no point of having a page with a few likes and followers and even fewer interaction. Many people decide to hit the market and just buy some followers but the huge drawback is that it is only “image” – zero interaction because those “followers” are not real accounts. Moreover, by buying likes your page can be deleted by the authorities for obvious reasons. But worry not; here we have for you 12 tips that can help you get genuine Facebook followers and interaction.

Get Genuine Facebook Followers and Interactions

1. Widgets and links on website

If you have a website or blog that you use, you can integrate a widget or URL to your page to have your website/blog following follow you on Facebook too. Promoting your fan page links across various channels such as social media sites, forum or blogs surely increase the LIKES. Post the link as many sites as possible, so visitors will be compelled to look at your Fanpage. And just by the way, the point is to advertise, not spam. If you go around everywhere telling people to like you, the most they’ll do is report you for spam. So beware of that too.

2. Content optimization

When you post status or anything on your Facebook page, keep in mind that your words should be common that are more likely to be used by users who key in words in search engines. Your post content should be revelant to your page, if your are posting politics news on ‘health page’ readers find it boring,and you have chance of unlike.

3. Pictures or videos

In Facebook algorithm, images and videos rank higher. They have more chances to be visible and, get Genuine Facebook Followers and more interaction. So image-based posts are recommended for search engines. So attract your viewer posting images and videos with awesome messages. Remember that, as more and more page LIKERS intereact on your page content, their more friends will be informed about your page.

4. Like-gate

When you are giving some good information on your website, some discounts, some coupons or some viral videos, you can make a trick creating LIKE-GATES before accessing them. You can use this trick on discounts, as all shoppers love discounts. Like-gated site will definitely help you to earn those likes instantly.

5. Share to Share method

One of the most powerful method is SHARE TO SHARE method to increase Facebook LIKES and engagement. In this method you will make admin of your page to other page owners and they will make you the admin of their pages respectively. When you post a status to your page, you also post it to their pages at the same time, putting a link of your fanpage. In return you also let them to do same on your page, This makes your fanpage engaged and visible to multiple users having the chance of multiplied Facebook LIKES. (But you all should have make rules among admins about posting fixed numbered status in a day, no website links or only good status, photos etc.)

6. Like to Like

If you only wish that others will LIKE your page and you don’t do same, you are wrong. take some time to like others’ Facebook pages. If you like someone’s page or post, they will be returning the favor. You don’t even need to log in as yourself(your profile) to like them. You can also like and comment as your page. This makes more chance to be liked by them.

7. Invitations

You also have the option to invite people to like your page – it’s there for a reason, use it. (Invite all of your friends in a single click) However, the smart strategy here would be to invite the people who probably will interact with you on your page. You don’t want empty Facebook likes. Invitations can be via Facebook or you can get Genuine Facebook Followers to follow you by emailing them. However, one email per person is more than enough – no spam.

8. Run contest and campaign

Another most effective way to get Genuine Facebook Followers, LIKES and engagement is to create a beautiful contest or meaningful campaign on your Facebook page. such as “POETRY CONTEST”, “PHOTO BEAUTY CONTEST” etc. The participants should have more likes to win, so that they will tell their friends to like them. Hence you not only get LIKES but also more engagements and talking about the page.

9. Real Life Advertisement

There’s a reason why door-to-door is so famous: it works. However, going around neighborhoods telling/asking people to like your page is kind of…over the top. You can, however, ask your friends, family, and acquaintances to like your page. However, there is a strategy to apply here too. Chances are, if you just ask them, they either won’t do it or forget about it. You have to capture their attention; provide some info that can get their interest.

10. Understand Your Followers

Your followers are actual humans (see why you do not go for fake likes?) and engaging them is not that hard. What are things most of the people love? Up to date posts, humor, comics, and intellectual conversations. These are your weapons, use them but keep it moderate and let it flow with the posts of your page. Have an aim to post stuff that will make people click that little “show on news feed” option on pages.

11. Everyone Loves Rewards

Run little contests on your page and offer giveaways and prizes – they do not have to be anything over the top, the point is just to offer something and rewards lure people in like bugs.

12. Paid Ads

If you have a brand or a business, go for Facebook Ads! They are a great way of getting REAL and targeted likes and engaging your audience. Many businesses go for this feature because it works. They can effectively increase the visibility and recognition of Your Page.

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