How to Submit Blogger XML Sitemap to Google?

When we create a new blog, then we anxious, how to make traffic for it and we apply many methods like social media sharing, blog comment and other, but search engines are important thing, its traffic called organic traffic, which is utmost necessary for the establishment a successful blog. In this a reason webmaster always focuses on search engines. Google is a main search engine and almost 80% internet users are using for searching information. So, this always important to submit your blog to Google. When we submit a blog to Google webmaster tool, then Google request us, please submit your blog sitemap. Many people know how to submit a sitemap to Google, but some new newbies are confusing to do that. In post I want to tell how we can add blogger xml sitemap to Google webmaster tool.

What is XML Sitemap?

I am sure you will be thinking that what an XML sitemap is. I simply describe that it is an XML file which contains on your blog URLs and other additional information about each URL. Search engine bots sitemap file to crawl and index your blog.

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

Below are some easy steps you have to go through in terms to submit your blogspot blog sitemap.

  • Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Click on the blog title for which you want to add sitemap.
  • Click on Sitemaps button as shown below.
  • At the top right corner of the page, press Add/Test sitemap button.
  • Once you click the button, a small box will appear as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Add the below code in the text field.

This is the sitemap code for your blogger blog which you need to add.

  • Press “Submit Sitemap” button.
  • Refresh the page.

Congratulation! You have finished the process of submitting your blog sitemap.

Note: The above sitemap will work for 500 posts only. If you have more than 500 posts published in your blog, then you have to add one more sitemap. The Whole procedure will be same but at this time you have to add this code.


The sitemap which we submit to Google Webmaster Tools is a XML sitemap which is used by search engines to find our content easily. There is HTML sitemap too which is for our blog readers.

We should add sitemap page to our blog so that our readers can easily view all of our blog posts at the single location. It’ll be easy for them to read the post which they want to. If you don’t know how to add a sitemap page in blogger, then here is a tutorial for you.

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