Complete Guide to Setup Google AMP

Did you know that more than 53% of people browsing the Internet on mobile do not open websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. This means that if you are not considering the speed of pages loaded on your website, then you are losing a large portion of your website traffic that you deserve.

When you know that Google Searches are mostly on mobile nowadays, it is important for you to make your website something that it loads much faster on mobile. In this case, you can help with a new technology, Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP) about which we are going to know in this article today.

What does Google AMP basically do to keep the light mobile page versions of your website in handy, and whenever anyone that opens the site from mobile through Google Search, it shows it. This loads your site in seconds only.

In this tutorial basically you will learn how to setup AMP pages in your WordPress site.

What is Google AMP?

Google AMP is an initiative by Google to make mobile websites be fast enough to be loaded. If you know about Facebook instant articles, then it is also a concept similar to that.

Instead of loading your entire mobile site, it displays a minimalist version of it as shown in the screenshot bel

google amp

The sites that use Google AMP, Google also has a special mark in the search results. You may also get a chance to get into Google’s featured carousel.

google amp

However, Google AMP does not have any effect in certain search engine rankings. But when I tried Google AMP on my website, the traffic of my site increased more than 25%.

How to setup Google AMP in WordPress?

On many websites, different people will tell you different ways to setup Google AMP. The way I am telling you today is the most simple and I did not take the time to set it up more than 10 minutes.

You just have to install 2 plugins and do a few configurations.

First install and activate the official AMP plugin.

This plugin will come from AMP functionalities in your WordPress site. This is basically a base for AMP.

After that you have to install and activate another plugin named: Accelerated Mobile Pages

With this plugin we can customize base of AMP. That is, this is a configuration plugin.

Just now you can customize your AMP pages according to your personal customization.

For your convenience, I provide you the screenshots of AMP settings on your site. However, you can completely adjust these settings according to your own.

First of all, when you install these two plugins, the option of AMP will come in the left pane of your WordPress Dashboard. Click on it. This is where you have to do all the configurations.

Google AMP

Whatever configuration I have made, the screenshots I have given below for your convenience. You just have to do these configurations according to your site.

  • AMP > General

Google AMP Setup

  • AMP > SEO

Google AMP Setup

  • AMP > Single

Google AMP Setup

  • AMP > Social

Google AMP Setup

Do not forget to click on Save Changes button while doing the Configurations. In addition you can also place ads in your AMP pages.

To check your AMP pages, simply place the amp after the URL of any page on your site.

Note: AMP pages sometimes have errors, due to which your AMP pages do not index in Google. So you can know those errors by using this tool. Then doing the errors is your own job. In this AMP’s configuration plugin can also help you a little bit.

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