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There are many platforms on the internet that pay for uploading your videos. But they have strict restrictions for their users like Youtube. Rumble is a best platform to Upload, share, broadcast and promote your videos around the web. It is best a YouTube alternative, focusing on bringing value to video.

It is a wonderful Video sharing website. You can also earn a lot of money beside enjoying Videos. It is a Toronto Based site where you can share any kind of Videos. It is the number 1 Video sharing site in Toronto and currently getting popular all over the World. Good thing about the site is that anyone can join their program very easily and you will be paid for your videos.

Youtube is a bad deal for video creators, says Chris Pavlovski, CEO and founder of Rumble.com, a Toronto-based video site that’s trying to create a better alternative.

Youtube could be great exposure for video talent, Pavlovski grants, but a success of receiving even 1 million views might lead to being paid only $200. That same result would pocket you $2,000 on Rumble.com, he says. While 33 per cent of all online video views are on Youtube, that leaves 67 per cent of the market to access outside of Google’s user-generated content giant.

It is tapping into that by partnering with major web brands including Bell Media, Yahoo, Sun Media, Shaw Media, Post Media, and more. A Microsoft deal will see Rumble’s video distributed on Xbox Live, MSN web sites, and via a Windows 8 app.

It is where video creators can host, share, create channels, monetize, and distribute their content across the Internet and television from a single centralized video platform.

For publishers, newsrooms and brands, it helps to identify, source, validate and acquire licenses to the most important social videos on the web. The company boasts an army of more than 23,000 video creators that currently contribute to more than 250M streams per month.

Rumble for Publishers


  • Simple Video Embeds
  • Largest Monetisation UGC Library
  • Hourly Analytics
  • Rumble Rank Recommendations
  • 50% Revenue Share On Any Video

Website Requirements:

  • 100, 000 unique visitors per month
  • 100, 000 fans on social media
  • Mail to Rumble: bd@rumble.com

Rumble for Creators

Create Channels, Monetize, and Distribute with one single Upload.

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