How to Create Contact Form for any Website/Blog Using Google Drive

There are numerous guidelines accessible on the best way to make a straightforward contact forms for Blogger web journals. Be that as it may, the vast majority of contact forms made are not able to send the guest messages to the site owner’s email. Blog owners ought to much of the time open Google Drive (beforehand known as Google Docs) to check if there are messages from visitors/guests.

Yes, perhaps you can get notifications in your email when a change has been made to your spreadsheet in Google Drive, yet it’s still somewhat badly designed in light of the fact that you can’t read the message directly in the email. That is the reason in this post I will disclose how to make a basic contact form utilizing Google Drive that can truly send the message directly to your email.

So you no more need to go to Google Drive just to check messages from guests. What’s more, obviously you can utilize this contact form structure on Blogger blog or some other site like WordPress or even a HTML website.


When you create a Form with Google docs then you will get a Url of the form where your client can respond you. This form is to be connected with your Google spreadsheet (you can find it in you google drive account) where you can manage your clients data or information.

1. You can collect as much as information from your clients, employees and if you are blogger or webmasters then from your visitors.

The above demo picture contains only 3 necessary boxes viz; Name Box, Email Box, Message Box and a Captcha confirmation to prevent Spams . Otherwise, if you want to add others box such as, phone numbers, parents name etc. then you can add so.

2. Notification Rules: The use of this function is to notify you, when someone respond to your form. It only works when your form connected with Google Spreadsheets (later discuss).

3. Prevent Multiple submission from the same Person.

How to Create Form?

The following steps will help you create a template for a contact form using Google Forms. Google also offers pre-made templates that you can use.

1- Log in to the Google Drive
2- Click Create

3- Click Form from the drop down menu.

4- You will see this page.

  • At the top of the screen you will see a list of options specific to UD’s Google form template. Select any settings that you want to apply to your form.
  • Fill out Untitled Form text box.
  • Fill out Form Description text box.
  • Enter a Question Title.
  • Select Question Type.
  • Click Done.

5- Click Add item by clicking the desired question type from the drop down menu to add more questions to the form.

6- Edit the text the user sees when submitting the form through the Confirmation Page box.

7- Click Send form. A new dialogue box will appear and a link to the google form will be provided that you can post to your page.

8- Click Embed if you want to post the form directly on the webpage.

You can view contact requests submitted through this form in Google Drive under Sheets. Spreadsheets will be organized by the form title so if you have multiple contact forms, they will need different titles.


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