Ammunition for Revolvers

Most handguns sold for self-defense these days are variations of the ever-popular 9mm pistol. Glock and M&P are the two most well-known brands for this type of handgun, typically using 9mm rounds. However, many shooters prefer the revolver because it’s known to be reliable and hardly ever jams, in contrast with the semi-automatic which tends to have more functional problems overall.

.357 Ammo

If you’re looking for handgun ammunition Charlotte you may be interested in trying the .357 Magnum for revolvers. One benefit of this type of ammo is that it has good stopping power, although not quite as good as the 9mm. Additionally, handguns that typically fire the .357 can also hold .38 Special ammo, but the reverse is not true.

.38 Special Ammo

The .38 Special cartridge is a popular size. This is commonly is used for snub-nosed revolvers or for concealed carry weapons. The stereotype of the .38 Special in a woman’s purse is not far from reality, as many women prefer to purchase smaller handguns to fit smaller hands.

New shooters often enjoy revolvers because they have fewer parts to adjust. There is no slide and it’s very simple to load and unload the chambers. Revolvers, however, can only hold several rounds at a time, whereas pistols can hold over a dozen.

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Wadcutter and Semi-Wadcutter Ammo

Wadcutters are gaining popularity for snub-nosed revolvers when distance isn’t a priority. This ammo creates clean holes that make it easier to identify accuracy on a paper target. For this reason, many target shooters like to use wadcutters during competitions.

Semi-wadcutters are not often used for self-defense purposes, as they can’t hit very far accurately, but they work well for general target practice.

Overall, the old-fashioned revolver is a great alternative to the pistol due to its reliability and flexibility in taking different sizes of ammunition.


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